A Life Worth The Living

As Oscar Wilde one said

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist, that is all”

I often think about this quote in wonder of just how true it is and how many people that I know personally that simply exist, but do not live to the fullest meaning of the word.

This also often bothers me because I believe in living a life worth living for, a life that one happily wakes up to live every morning with a passion.


But as I thought about that, I also realized that many people do not a have a passion to live for.

What do you live for everyday? What drives you? What pushes you forward in life?

Is there something that challenges you to be a better person and causes you to have a vision for the future? Whatever that may be, that is your passion.

Let your passion (once you find it) grow wild and free without boundaries and see just where it takes you.

Do not let anybody dampen your love for this passion and instead use any criticism you may encounter as a means to propel you even farther.

So this evening as you are doing some mandatory monotonous task take a second and examine what you think may be your passion and then chase after it with all your soul.

Make life worth the living.

 XOXO- Autumn


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