It’s The Little Things

Today as I went about the tasks which I had set out to do I noticed myself getting a little antsy, a little anxious to get everything done.

Between some things that had to do with my business, housework that needed to get done (it obviously wasn’t getting done by itself), and grappling to keep my patience within the grocery store due to other customers a thought went through my mind that has stayed within my mind the rest of the day.

I didn’t really pay much attention to the thought at first but then it struck me just how powerful a notion it is- it’s the little things that keep us going in a positive direction.

That got me thinking about all the little things that have kept me going over the last few days. At first I wasn’t coming up with much, but then I looked closer and realized that many little things have kept me moving lately.


For one, my mother brings fresh flowers home a lot to brighten up the house and also because she knows I adore them.

Secondly, I received the sweetest note from my love yesterday which brought me great joy and also gives me something else to cherish.

Other things have also given me joy through a hectic week, such as good morning texts from my love each morning, letters from my mom, a sunny day after a rainy one the day before, a great night with amazing friends and a new boatload of books I received on Sunday.

Many of us fail to see the little joys that make up life as we know it….. when we get real serious and think about what our lives are, most of us would agree that it’s the little things that keep us going.

In the end it isn’t the beautiful house, high-end vehicle, well-paying job, costly clothes, popularity or cushy lifestyle we have made for ourselves. It’s the opposite.

It’s the family we belong to, the friends we cherish, the passions we excel at, the knowledge we attain, the people we help, the charities we volunteer with, the time we spend building up relationships and the little things we notice that make us smile that make our lives our own beautiful individual lives.

So in saying all that, stop and think about what really matters. Spend time with your family and friends, perfect your passion, help all the people you can, volunteer your time with charities and make a difference. Build a few strong relationships and smile at the world you live in.

The world is anything you make it to be so make it beautiful, it’s all in the little things.

XOXO- Autumn


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