So You Like To Write

Ever since I was very young, I loved to write. I mostly wrote poems and short stories, but by the time I was in the latter years of middle school I wrote my first official book.

Looking back now, I see just how far I’ve come in writing and now fully appreciate all the writing I did back then.

In high school I took advanced literature classes and various writing classes that challenged me as a writer and the way in which I wrote.

You see, I write two different ways. One way is that I just simply write- I start with a basic idea and then just “run with it”, not creating an official plot or manuscript but writing a short simple draft-type story which I then later refine.

The second way is very methodical and slow as I create a basic storyline with its beginning, middle and ending with very detailed notes on what happens where, then I create a detailed draft sheet and last but not least I go about creating a chapter breakdown.


Which produces the better book you may ask? Neither.

There is no set-in-stone way to write a book because every storyline comes from a unique individuals mind.

Yes, you should watch all the basic mechanics of writing that you were taught but the rest is completely up to the writers mind.

As Ernest Hemingway stated –

“There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly;

sometimes it’s like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.”

So this also shows that writing is sometimes easy but if you ask most any writer or someone that likes to write, they will tell you that writing is hard about eighty-five percent of the time.

Why? Well for one creativity takes a lot of energy because we are using our brains, which is sadly something that people this day in age do not use as much because technology has become our “brains” for the most part.

Writing takes time, and loads of it. Time is by far an extremely valuable and precious thing, and good writing requires a lot of time because of all the thought you must first put into words in your head and then after that put in down on paper mechanically correct and in a passionate manner.

Another roadblock that can affect your writing is your mood. It sounds different, but your mood can greatly influence your writing and thus your carefully crafted characters.

Writing is a beautiful art that takes time to perfect and a mind which creates its own creativity, and it is also rewarding.

If you pursue writing as a hobby or perhaps a passion, obsession or profession you will lead a life of opportunity and see how writing becomes a rewarding commitment.

So you like to write? Start now.

     XOXO- Autumn


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