Patience {It Really Is A Virtue}

You have probably heard the saying “Patience is a virtue” many times over in your life, though more than likely you heard it the most during your childhood.

But the fact is, the saying is true. Being patient also teaches you respect, thinking before you act, learning to listen and sensitivity.

Learning to control your emotions to be patient takes work (especially if you are prone to having a temper) but it can be done and also is the best for those around you in the end.

I have always been a relatively patient person, especially with children, but patience becomes harder to practice when you have already had a long day- but this is when patience is most needed.


Because humans tend to be more comfortable with those we live with and/or love, it is these people that we sadly take things out on more than those we do not know as well.

Sometimes this causes just a little bit of hurt feelings, but at times not having patience and lashing out at those around you can cause a lot of damage for a long period of time.

Once a sentence comes out of your mouth you can never take it back, and sometimes you may never be forgiven for what you said.

Patience helps all of that not to happen, and it takes only a little time to learn it well.

Once you learn to be quiet, listen, think, and convey what you are trying to say in a positive manner you have learned the four qualities of patience.

imageSo next time you to someone around you is irritable, do not lash out at them or make snarky comments- instead be quiet, listen, think  and then convey in a nice way what you need to say.

Patience is a virtue that is widely lost, but once you start practicing it once again not only will you be a happier person; but also those around you.

     XOXO- Autumn


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