Living a beautiful life isn’t based on what you have, who you are with, how much money you make or what brands of clothing you wear. Living a life full of beauty is based on relationships and a firm personal knowledge of who you are, which often brings to light past failures and hardships.

The fact though is this- did you learn from them or have you let fear rule your every move since then?


This was a question I was asking myself the other day, and it is a question I think a lot of people should ask themselves.

What is fear holding you back from? Love? A business plan? A relationship?

Is fear holding you hostage so much so that you feel that you will never flourish in life, that you are not good enough?

Does fear have such a hold on you that you won’t even try because you fear failure so much that you have already set yourself up for failure?

Yes the saying “How do you know if you do not try” is true, but it takes on a whole new challenge if you already have a deep dark sense of failure.

Failing is a part of life, and while it is a hard truth to swallow, it will always be present- whether you fear it or not.

Having a fear of failure not only can ruin personal growth, but also affect other areas as well such as confidence, self identity, goals, relationships and personal fulfillment.

While I strive to live a beautiful life this is something that I face everyday, everyone does. You have to work at it, keep your head up, and push forward.

Living that beautiful life means that you have to look at yourself in the mirror, hunt for flaws and fix them. This takes courage, and courage is the opposite of fear.

So every morning when I wake up, I look at myself in the mirror for about thirty seconds and just stare. I think of my good qualities, and then I think heavily on my flaws.

My failures of yesterday I vow to correct today, or if it is a habit I vow to work on whatever the hurtful habit is.

I tell myself that I have no room for fear. And you should too.

Do I still fear sometimes? Yes, I admit it, I do. But every morning when I look in that mirror and see all the many facets of myself that are fixable, it only makes me stronger.

So do not fear failure but instead embrace what you are afraid of, and have the courage to work on it.

    XOXO- Autumn 



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