Picking Out Your Fall & Winter Outerwear

Picking out your fall and winter outerwear is a big deal, not only because you have to make it count but also because there are many factors to consider.


It’s a little easier when you stop growing and you can easily re-wear last years investments! Not only will it save you money but many times we remember certain memories associated with a particular piece of clothing.

Here is a list of practical tips when shopping for a new piece of outerwear:


  • Color – Picking a neutral color will ensure the wearability. Tan, taupe, black, grey, cream and white are classic colors that can easily be dressed up or down. If you have one or two of these colors already other easy colors include olive green, brown, dusty blue, light peach or pastel yellow.
  • Style – The style of a coat has a lot of impact on its wearability, which is mostly what you should base your purchases on. Classic styles like trench, peplum and a-line are on the dressier side yet the a-line can also easily be dressed down. Other styles like pea and military are more edgy and sometimes more useful for everyday. I am a huge fan of a-line coats because they are the perfect medium for me.
  • Fabric – Wool, fleece and a shiny polyester are probably the heaviest fabrics for fall and winter coats. Every once in a while you will find a polyester/heavy cotton blend that also provides superior warmth, however wool and fleece is probably the best fabrics for heavy coats.


Jackets follow all the same rules that coats do, however jackets tend to usually be less money (even higher end jackets) therefore once you have at least one neutral color in a classic style, you can be a little more free with your selection and wearability factor. Here is a couple of pointers:

  • Fun detailing such as shimmery fabric, bold prints, unique pockets and trendy collars are a good way to make a jacket stand out from your other coats and jackets.
  • Jackets are generally lighter in weight which means if you live in a climate where it is always changing or semi-warm during the fall and winter months you will probably have more jackets than coats, so make them count but also get creative.
  • Get sporty by purchasing a jacket with your team logo!
  • Fall and winter rain jackets are always a god idea, but don’t make them too heavy – you will be wearing a single shirt or even possibly layering under them.


With hoodies I generally follow only a couple of rules, and they are very simple. No matter what hoodie I see, I put it in one of two categories- Nice Hoodies” and what I call “Sick/Home Hoodies”.

The difference between the two is simple- nice hoodies can be worn out and about stylishly and maybe even out to a nice dinner or date. Think a nice Under Amour, Nike, Cabelas or L.L. Bean.

“Sick” or “Home” hoodies to me are just plain-jane and (maybe) even a little bit ratty! These are the hoodies that its okay for things to get spilled on them, to sweat in, to do housework in and yard work in and yes, even have a cold in.

So this season when you go shopping for outerwear, remember these tips and have fun, but also remember wearability for future years. Happy shopping!


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