Simple Decor For Fall

It’s that time of year again….. the pumpkins come out, candy corn abounds, a crisp feeling is in the air and orange becomes a popular color again. Fall is a beautiful, lush season where colors become uncommonly striking and everyone gets excited about the coming holidays.


However there is always that pesky thing most likely at the top of your list (or at least in the top 150,000 things you have to do) and that would be none other than Fall decorating.

For some this is a highly anticipated event they look forward to all year but you could also be like me – I look forward to it yes – but some years all I see is tacky fake leaves and messy straw in tufts that don’t even make sense. If this is how you feel don’t worry, its more common than you might think.

So what do you do then, you might ask? Well, think of what inspires you about Fall and think about the style you have a liking to. Maybe you like modern design, French country, shabby chic or rustic. Maybe you like a mixture of a couple of those.

Think of the style or styles you want to create and try to keep them simple and clutter-free, because less really is more when it comes to decorating.


Also pick out a few main colors anywhere from rich to semi-cool tones that blend together nicely without becoming chaotic. Don’t be afraid to add in an unexpected color here in there along wither greens, oranges and browns – like a rusty red, mustard yellow or pale peach. This adds variation and depth to the space you are trying to create.


Add unexpected sparkle or shine with accessories, add an outdoorsy feeling with branches brought in from the yard tied with ribbon or fabric scraps or bring in textures such as burlap and felt. All of these depths played with the right amount of decor sense will turn out to be a beautiful and timeless look that you will go back to year after year.
image Birch trees are a lighter color but have tons of character, which is probably why I’m a fan of birch tree decor all year long! imageAnother simple project is getting some canning jars and getting a few small pinecones, painting them with a pop of color (or dash of sparkle) and placing them in the jar. This would be a simple decor object and the perfect antidote for that pesky corner you just can’t seem to find anything to go into.


And don’t forget about rustic styling (which is among my favorites) with rich colors and a country flair as seen down below.


So this Fall as you decorate your home remember that the key to home decorating is style, texture, color and that less is always more. The rules of decorating are not hard and easy to go by, but always remember to add your own touch of whimsy for a personalized home!


XOXO- Autumn



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