Pear Harvesting Day

Hello all! Today was the picture perfect day for Fall with that slight chilly breeze and beautiful blue sky, which means its the perfect day to do outside work! For me this entailed harvesting pears off of one of our heritage pear trees, which is what I’ll be blogging on this evening (you may have seen a sneak peek on this over at my Instagram) and its a subject I’m excited to talk about!
imageFor many years on the farm I always loved our old pear tree thats been sitting stately in the same spot since the mid 1800’s, because it always looked so perfect and is a living piece of history. Some years we were late in harvesting them and the deer, foxes and pesky bees got first pick of the rugged pears. Other years we were able to get them just as they were ripe and had a bountiful harvest, which was always a blessing.image

This year we caught it kinda in between those two time frames. Half are on the ground being enjoyed by the foxes and deer (and did I mention those pesky bees?) and half I harvested today directly from the vine. There are a few bunches that will need harvested within the next week or so because they are not fully ready for picking. But even the years my family and I got a weak harvest, the old pear tree has continued to be one of my favorite trees there.

imageMaybe it means so much to me because of the memories associated with it. I remember my grandfather taking me out to it and teaching me about when they were ripe and about how this one tree had been through many changes of time. Its weathered bark and gnarly limbs are a tell-tale sign of its age and the roots that help nurture it go a long, long ways.

imageToday I harvested two big half bushels of the pears, which was a nice surprise to get that many for this season so far. This is a hard heritage variety of pear which is very different than the pears you might get at the grocery store, and so these get cooked down and put into pies and other baking adventures; a long-kept generational tradition for my family.

Not only are pear trees beautiful to watch grow but they are also a hardy and wonderful tree to grow, and when taken care of last for generations and generations which can lead to many wonderful memories.

Happy Harvesting!

XOXO- Autumn


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