Our House Adventure Begins …… And All I’m Thankful For


Hello all! Sorry for the few days of not posting but it has been crazy busy around here for several reasons with one of them being a major new life chapter – our home is coming early this coming week! Samuel and I couldn’t be happier, God has blessed us richly.

Besides the house arriving this coming week we’ve also been getting the house site ready which included moving the horses (a new experience for Samuel who is becoming quite the farmer) and squaring up the spot where the house will be placed. For us to be at this point is such a blessing after a couple of months selecting our site, preparing the land and getting the several permits we had to have to get this whole ball moving!

Besides that I’ve been preparing part two of the Burlap Table Runner Tutorial which is taking some time to fully complete due to all the house stuff. I’ve also been getting some sewing done for Christmas and recently finished all my handmade cotton Thanksgiving napkins, which was a fun project I hope to set up as a tutorial making Christmas napkins.

One thing that really struck me this week was just how blessed I am. Not only do I have a loving God but I have amazing parents (that have helped soooooo much with preparing for our house) and an awesome financé that is the best man I know. There is so much in life, even the simplest of things, that we take for granted. The smallest things to us are huge things to some people, and we never give this much thought.

By the end of next week Samuel and I will have a large beautiful country home in the middle of beautiful land, while some people are living in cardboard boxes or tiny shacks. I have always had plenty to eat. I have never been without a home. I have always been loved. I have always been cared for. I have never been afraid to live.

I’m beyond thankful for all of this and it’s something that God put in front of me earlier today as Samuel, my mom, a contractor and I finished the final mapping-out of our home site. It hit me and I was like “Wow… I’ve been so blessed. This is a dream come true. Other people out there will never get this, will never feel this amazing and overwhelming feeling I am right now.”

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that for all the blessings you receive, think about others as well and try to find some way to give back. Even if its in the simplest way.

XOXO – Autumn


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