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Prayer. It’s something we’ve all heard about and something most of us do on a regular basis – maybe every morning, during a long drive, for our meal and at bedtime. People pray at all different times of the day, all over the world. Some pray every once in a while, using God as a rain jacket when things get tough. Others pray during their normal scheduled times, like when they get up and when they go to bed. Still others pray at all these times plus multiple times a day.

But what if you’re asked by someone “How do you pray like a warrior” ?  I was asked this question once by a young lady whom I taught Sunday School to, and the question really made me think. Most of the time even if we are really attentive to our prayer time, prayer is just something that we do. By the time we are a little mature in Christ, prayer has become just another important time of our day (as it should be)  but often this question and questions like it we would most likely be taken aback at just how to answer it.

Closeup portrait of a young caucasian woman praying

To answer her question I took some time to reflect on it, because she was asking about a specific form of prayer. She was asking not just how to pray, but how to be a prayer warrior. I admired the young lady for the question and thought how great it would be to have more young people like her – truly and genuinely interested in the things of Christ.

I came home that night and laid awake in bed for some time contemplating the question and trying to come up with some points to help her. If you went to the movies a couple months back and watched the movie “War Room” then you’ve seen most of these points in a film, which I encourage those who haven’t seen it yet to go and watch it.

Point number one I came up with was have a specific place you pray, everyday. For a lot of people because of their schedules this is gong to be very different from person to person. Personally for me this spot would be the drivers seat in my car. In our new home, Samuel and I have a large walk-in master closet that just happens to have a beautiful window, which has already been earmarked for me to put a chair where I hope to do the majority of my prayer time. I’ve also known people who’s “place” is in the shower every morning. Some have a special garden spot, others have a spot in their kitchen. It fully depends on the persons schedule and lifestyle.

The second point was carry a notepad with you for a prayer journal. This has personally beed very beneficial for me. I love to write (as you can probably tell) and being able to write down requests, thoughts while I’m praying and writing down answered prayers in a journal can be a great way to both organize your thoughts plus have something to look back on later and see all Christ has done for you.

Because the young lady was a few years younger than I and was in the stage of thinking about her future mate, I also wrote down pray for those you don’t personally know. For her this meant her future spouse, but this can also be as a tool to pray for government officials and people such as policemen and women, firefighters and other high-risk jobs. Another thing would be just praying for the general public and missionaries across the world.

I didn’t exactly add this at the time, but finding a prayer partner is a wonderful tool as well. We see this being used even in the time when Jesus was on the earth in Matthew 18:19-20. For me this person is Samuel, and I absolutely love it. It’s such a precious time that I cherish when we are praying together or talking about prayer requests that we each have or know need to be discussed. Be sure to select someone who you are close to, trust, and can pray with often. Usually this is a mother, father, sibling, spouse or very good friend.

Praying specifically for a need, something I also wrote down for this young lady, is a powerful method as well. Sometimes we tend to group a lot of requests together and don’t take the time to go through each one, while this may save time in your day it isn’t necessarily a tool used when trying to be a prayer warrior. Having a good communicative relationship with God through prayer is essential in a Christians daily walk, and its sometimes one of the most neglected areas in our walk with Christ.

You see, what I was trying to impart to the young lady was that praying to mean business and really get God’s attention takes effort, trust and the understanding of important and vital skills. Being a prayer warrior goes above and beyond just the normal thirty second to a minute prayer we do in the morning and at night – it takes time. It takes effort. It takes thought. I’ve personally known two prayer warriors in my life (that actually took it seriously) and it was amazing how close a relationship they had with God. It was inspiring and it was very much an impact on my life, seeing these women dedicate so much of their lives to prayer. They weren’t afraid to go to God with a specific need, they relied fully on Him and His will in their lives, and it showed a world thats full of fakes what a real “strong woman” looked like.

Living out this commitment can be challenging, and at some point or another you are going to fail to do your special prayer time or maybe you forgot to use your prayer journal but remember that we are human and we are going to fail and thats where God’s grace covers us. Should we intentionally use this as an excuse on some hectic day when we’re already tired and still have a lot to do and just shrug this time with God off? No, we shouldn’t. But do remember that His grace is greater than all our sin.

I hope this post maybe helped someone that was frustrated with prayer or wanted to know the answer to the same question that young lady had asked me, I felt compelled to write this today. I had a completely different post in mind, but I truly believe this post is supposed to bless someone out there.

Happy praying,

Autumn XOXO


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