Super (Easy) Eyeglass Case Tutorial

Hello All! Today I’m doing a tutorial on a super quick (and easy!) sewing project that would be a great stocking stuffer, small Christmas gift or just something quick and fun to do for a beginner sewist! This tutorial will show you how to do a easy soft eyeglass case, the perfect project to do if you’re all the time losing them in your purse or whatnot. It’s also something useful that you could also make for the man in your life, as its perfect to make for a girl or a guy!


So, lets look at the materials needed to make this simple easy project!

  • Any square of fabric at least 9 x 4 (Printed Duck Fabric Works Well For This Project)
  • Light to Medium Weight Fusible Interfacing
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • 2 Rotary Cutters, One Small & One Large (Optional, But I Highly Recommend Them)

Step One:

Begin by cutting your selected fabric to an 8 x 3 inch rectangle, or 3 1/2 if your glasses are chunky.


Step Two: 

Cut the same rectangular size of your fusible interfacing as you did your fabric.


Step Three: 

Iron the fusible interfacing onto the fabric, spending enough time on each rectangle that the glue successfully blends with the fabric on the other side. The interfacing should be positioned glue side down on the wrong side of your fabricimage


Step Four: 

Once you have fused the interfacing and fabric together, move to the top of your fabric and fold it down on the top and iron it until it stays creased.


Step Five: 

When both top’s are folded over and ironed into place, sew 3/8 on the top fold you just created, as shown.


Step Six:

Now (when you have done the prior step to both pieces of fabric) put your fabric together, right sides facing each other. Pin up the sides and also the bottom. Make sure your two top sewn edges meet at the top to keep a straight line.



Step Seven: 

Sew along these edges. With your rotary cutter (preferably the smaller one, if on hand) cut off any thick edges being careful not to get too close to your stitching.


Step Eight:

You’re done! Simply turn out your eyeglass case and enjoy your new creation!


XOXO- Autumn


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