Family Traditions + New Beginnings

Hello everyone! Lately I’ve laid awake at night thinking about family traditions. You know, all those fuzzy warm memories that come flooding back to you after a number of years.

Most of my memories around Christmas time are centered around my grandfather, my pawpaw. Every year we would spend hours and hours making gingerbread cookies. Sometimes we made “tree cookies”, cookies made from ingredients plus some glue and then you decorate them after they’ve baked and cooled – we still hang the ones I made in 1997/1998. We went and looked at houses decorated with Christmas lights. He almost always took me to the ballet to see the Nutcracker, and later in my ballet career I took part as one of the cast members for the Nutcracker play.

You see we all have special memories, the ones that really stuck out to us and the ones we still go back too even if its just thinking about them. My grandfather is long gone, but every Christmas I take some time to go over all these memories in my mind.

Next Christmas I will be a married woman, running my own house and eventually raising my own kids. This thought made me stop and think in excitement about what traditions to keep alive – and what new traditions Samuel and I would like to start.

This task is more than a little daunting for sure, but its also loads of fun! Samuel and I will be starting one new tradition this Christmas – cutting our own Christmas tree from a local tree farm! I’ve never done this, but I’ve always wanted to.

We both love the scent of a live tree, and how every tree is unique. They are not mass-produced, and they are green and natural. Yes real trees are messy but thats part of the fun!

Christmas traditions, both new and old, are priceless. Each one is started for a reason by a specific person. Didn’t like a particular tradition growing up? Fine, you don’t have to do the same thing – but don’t bash it just because you didn’t care for it. It came from someones creativity and someones unique taste. There is a lot said for that.

My mom started the tradition of getting us new pajamas every Christmas Eve, and over the years its been a blast. This is a classic tradition that I believe most people would enjoy and its a simple one to carry out. She also started one called “The 12 Days of Christmas” where each day leading to Christmas a small gift is placed in a box with a rhyme to read before you open it. And, every year we get a Hickory Farms snack box full of my favorite goodies.

Do you have a new tradition you have started the last couple of years? Is there a priceless heirloom one you grew up with as a kid? If you’re recently married, is there a tradition you and your hubby have created?

Traditions are meant to be cherished, loved and carried out through the years. Many people forget or just don’t care about them, or their hectic schedule gets in the way. This is sad but so very true for most busy people these days, but I want to challenge you to go back in time and pull out a couple of your favorite traditions – or even just one. You won’t regret it, I promise.

So this Christmas remember to think back on those warm and fuzzy memories and bring them back to life through yourself – and your special somebody.


XOXO Autumn





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