Easy DIY Camera Strap Tutorial

Hello everyone! Today I’m doing a super fun and easy DIY camera strap that’s perfect for a rainy cold afternoon such as today! The materials you’ll need are simple and not much different than any other tutorial I’ve done on the blog the last few months.

Materials Needed:

1 Yard Fabric

1 Yard Batting (Medium Weight)

1 Yard Nylon Strapping Material

A Pack of 2 Swivel Snaphooks


Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutter

Sewing Machine




The Project

To start, cut your fabric the desired length and what’s comfortable for you. I cut mine 41 inches long, which I find is usually standard. However, if your arms are shorter or you prefer to hold your camera in various positions (like professional positions) then you may want it shorter or longer. When you have cut it your desired length, cut it 4 inches wide.


After you’ve cut out this piece, move on to cutting your batting. Now batting can be tricky to deal with because it is fluffy, but don’t fear it. Unlike fusible interfacing batting does not need to be ironed onto your fabric, which in this case acts as a time saver and will also make your camera strap more comfortable. 

My batting I cut larger than my actual fabric because this makes it easier in the long run to match up my edges.


I cut my batting 43 inches long by 5 1/2 inches wide.

Now custom cut along the edges (leaving the ends like they are, though) being careful not to cut the fabric.


Once you have done this, having left the ends alone, fold your batting and fabric over on itself with fabric sides touching, as shown below. Once you have folded over, pin along the open edges.


Now take your pinned “almost” camera strap over to your sewing machine. You will want to sewing a straight-stitch the width of your sewing machines foot, which should measure 5/8 of and inch. Be sure to backstitch right when you first start and as you end your line.


Now comes one of the fun parts! Take the pins out and set them aside. Check both sides of the camera strap while it is still inside out to make sure your line is clean and you did not miss any fabric. Now you can carefully turn out your camera strap! 


By now your camera strap is starting to look fabulous and you’re feeling accomplished, because your strap is almost done! Now is when you will trim off the remaining batting sticking out of the end of your strap and fold the ends inside themselves a half inch to an inch. I recommend and inch. Now is also the time to check and make sure you are happy with the length.


Set the camera strap aside for now and pull out your nylon strap material and your two swivel snaphooks.


Spread out your nylon strap material and fold in half. Cut. Now you should have two pieces that are almost ready for you to place the swivel hooks on.


Now slip your swivel hooks on both cut pieces of nylon. Measure 5 inches and cut at 5 inches. There will be 1 inch inserted into the camera strap, which will make your swivel hook extension come out 4 inches from the camera strap once it is completed.


After you have done this it is time to attach the nylon straps with swivel hooks to the camera strap. If you turned in your camera strap ends at an inch like I did, then you will sew across the ends of the strap at 5/8 inch once the nylon pieces are attached. If you turned them in smaller, you will have to adjust this. To attach the nylon piece, simply stick the end of it an inch into the camera strap end.  Make sure it is centered from edge to edge of the opening. Now sew across.


Be sure to backstitch several times across little bits at a time before you reach the end, this will be the added stability needed to keep the end from coming apart because of the weight of the camera.



Now your camera strap is completed! Yay! This project is a great simple beginner project and also a great way to use up scrap fabric as well!

Feel free to now attach your new, beautiful camera strap to your camera via the clips. Hopefully you used the swivel hooks, which work the best for cameras!






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