The Perfect Christmas Looks 

Every year about this time, I stand in front of my closet with arms crossed just staring at it blankly. What am I trying to accomplish? Simple answer – what I’m going to wear. And not just for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but also for any and all the other special events going on.


I’ve ways enjoyed dressing up and keeping an elegant flair to my wardrobe, it’s just something I enjoy and something that to me is part of being a lady. Trust me, I have days where I love my comfy yoga pants and baggy tee shirt but dressing up to me is refreshing and also a creative outlet to express myself.

So, it’s that time of year again. I stood in front of my closet and did the usual “deer in the headlights” state – because my family and I have a special event tomorrow and I need to dress up for it! Now I’ve known this for a while and I knew Christmas would be here again 351 days ago….. but I procrastinated my wardrobe planning once again.

I basically break down my wardrobe into three looks – casual chic, classic + creative and dressy. This all goes for Christmastime too, and today I’ll be blogging on the dressy occasions! I hope you enjoy!


Dressed In Knit

I’m not a big fan of gold (or leopard) but I love everything else about this look. It’s dressy in its own form and would look great with dressy jeans, slacks or a pencil skirt. It’s a cozy and totally classic, and about anybody could pull it off!

 Ladylike In Blue

This is the perfect dress! This beautiful satin piece of art can be found at ShabbyApple, and you could add countless different touches to this dress because it is a solid color and has minimal detail. Think about some lace or sparkly shoes, a matte burgundy handbag and elegant hat and you’re on the right track!

Stripes, Bows and Sparkles

Honestly, who wouldn’t loooooove this outfit! The bow, the flared skirt, the classically chic look….. admit it, this would be one for the history books!

     Polka Dots + Minted Chic

This is just darling ya’ll. I’d probably wear just one big strand of pearls, but everything else is just adorable! It’s also what I call a “twofer” outfit- put on a pretty pastel pink top and feature an off white bag and you’ve got a simple Spring look as well!

 Elegance,  Darling

When I think of “the” timeless Christmas dress, I think of a dress just like this. I’m not sure if you could get any more timeless, classic and ladylike- but this would sure be hard to beat. With short sleeves as these are you would need a black long coat or something of that type to keep warm, but you would be fine indoors.


This look is both effortless and timeless, and you probably have close to the same items in your own closet. The taupe/ivory is an amazing color to achive this look with but really you could create it with different shades of any color – black, blue, red or green would be perfect for Christmas though.

Green + Lace

Green is also a great color for the Christmas Holiday  as seen here on Kiera Knightly.

Quirky: The New Chic

I understand this may not be everyone’s forte, but I simply adore how it’s the perfect mix of quirky, classic and retro. I’d probably wear either the clear necklace or the pearls separately (not together) simply because I’m not a big fan of layering necklaces.


China Doll Status

This is about as classy as it gets, folks. As we draw near to the end of this post I saved my two favorites for last. Everything about this outfit is ladylike, classy and undeniably girl. That’s something I love – a woman that’s not afraid to be a lady and dress like one too. This doesn’t mean that the quirky look or the chic look or even the trendy look (to some degree) isn’t ladylike. But when you reach a certain level of class and dress like a lady a whole other world opens to you and it’s a beautiful one full of dignity and respect. Back to the outfit, I love the skirt color and length and the top is exquisite. Most people would put black pumps with this outfit but I really love the nude shoe choice here.

N. 5th Ave

My other favorite outfit in this post. Basically I love everything – the delicate pumps, tulle {polka dot} skirt! and the mix of stripes in there! Now it’s true I haven’t worn a tulle full skirt since my 11 years in ballets came to an end, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still fall head over heels for them! Notice the nude nail in this photo, too – it’s a great choice and you could also pull off a pale pink too.

So there you have it, my favorite dressy Christmas inspiration photographs! Wish me luck on trying to blend some of these for a special event my family, Sam and I are attending later today!  I hope some of these also showed you how to use some of the articles in your closest and that modest is hottest. Happy dressing!

XOXO – Autumm



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