Wrapped In Ribbons & Bows

Wrapping Christmas presents is one of three things for most people: a joyful and creative outlet, hectic and hairy from the start (but it ends up getting better) or an absolute nightmare! For me personally usually its all of these three in one night, but through the recent years the gift wrapping sessions have been getting better, slowly. But one thing I found as I began to actually enjoy the process a little bit more was that all the gifts started looking the same, and if you know me, I like things a little quirky + classy. Blending in with all the other gifts was not quirky, or classy. This irked me to no end later because I knew I could do better and have me gifts reflect me – the giver – in a much better way.

So last year I began thinking about this in October. My outcome? Everything was wrapped in kraft paper, tied with twine and had branches or berries as part of their decor. It looked nice, it reflected my style as the giver and it helped my gifts stand out from the rest – causing less confusion.

Here are a few photographs of pretty wrapped boxes and such that caught my eye this year – some are simple and would be easy to recreate and a few are more intermediate. Lets start browsing, shall we?

     Kraft Paper + Twine  + Pinecone

             Classy Bows + Berries

            Quirky Dots + Papercraft

Hello From Postal Place

  Knit Gift Sack + Southren Charms

       Artsy + Kraft Paper + Twine

         Gifts Wrap Bows + Beaus

    Houndstooth + Calender Detail


For The Chic

       Gold Plated Deer + Twine

               Dots + Child’s Play

                Simplicity + Pouf

                South Meets North

          Fantastical Blues + Hues

        Polar Bears + Silk Ribbon

              Candy Canes + Kraft

     Monogrammed + Signed, Please

          5th Avenue Ready + Shine

I hope some of these ideas helped you and gave you a little bit of creativity you hadn’t thought of before to add a little whimsy to your gift wrapping this Christmas season!

XOXO – Autumn


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