Hello All! It’s been crazy. It’s been busy. It’s been overwhelming but 2016 has yet to disappoint! 

Mostly it’s been wedding planning that’s kept things moving at a brisk pace, then throw everyday life in there and it’s pretty packed. 

I hope in 2016 to show you tutorials on things that will help inspire you in the kitchen, in your garden, home decor tips, agriculture and later (after April) things I learn about being a wife! 

Over the next few weeks I’m planning to do some posts on making delicious + customizable bread from scratch, planting a kitchen herb garden, a guide to popular kitchen herbs and maybe even share some of the ups and downs I’ve learned (so far) about wedding planning. Sound good? 

Keep your eyes open for a tutorial on homemade bread making next, where I’ll not only do a super-easy-to-follow tutorial but also show you a few fun variations on the same bread recipe! 

Thank you for supporting FallThymeLime and leaving encouraging comments! 
XOXO – Autumn 



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Hello, there! Grab a cup of tea, and enjoy the ride while I teach you about living a natural and authentic lifestyle with the life God gave you!

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