Packing For Our Honeymoon

Hello There!

Today I find myself staring at my suitcase thinking about what to pack for Samuel and I’s honeymoon …… and also find myself getting a feeling of butterflies and excitement!

My groom has kept the destination of our honeymoon a surprise (ahhhh!!!) so packing is a little interesting! Errr… ha!  But thankfully my mamma knows where we are going and is giving me ideas on how and what to pack 🙂

What I’ve learned so far is that I get to do my favorite thing on trips – dress casually chic + take a couple formal dresses! I haven’t actually made a “list” of things to take with me so far, which is somewhat unlike me (I’m a MAJOR list maker) but I think I’m just going to wing it and take things here and there.

I do have a couple staples I know I’ll be bringing, however, and they’re actually some that you could use everyday for a casually chic look.

Denim Jacket  – because even the dressiest dress can be made casually chic with a nice denim jacket! Plus, it’s great for chilly April nights 🙂

LBD – because what vacation (or weekend!) would be complete without one?!

Skort’s – I’m a HUGE fan of skorts, because they are so versatile and I have several in all different colors and patterns! Plus neutral ones like denim, khaki and white.

Everyday Dresses –  Me and dresses go hand-in-hand. I absolutely love being able to dress up on a casual manner and my honeymoon wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without some gingham, seersucker and floral dresses.

Dressy Tops – I like to pair my dressier tops with things like my skorts and nice capri’s.

Capri’s – I enjoy dressy capri’s on an almost daily basis when I’m not in a dress or workout gear.

Dinner Dresses – I’ll be packing at least two formal dresses in my honeymoon suitcase for nice dinners.

Nice Hat – I bought the loveliest hat in Charleston last Spring, and it’s probably the most versatile headpiece I own!

And of course we can’t forget ……

Comfy Clothes – What do I wear for long hours on the road? My favorite is a solid colored workout stretch capri, Simply Southern tee and my favorite pair of sandals!

So there you have it! Just a few things that are being placed in my suitcase as I write and I’m excited to hopefully get some pictures of these outfits in a later post!


XOXO – Autumn





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