The Best Vegan Beauty + Bath Products 

About a week ago I announced I would be sharing my favorite (and in my opinion, the best) vegan beauty and bath products on the market.

These products are certified vegan, completely organic as well as 100% cruelty-free. I have a couple of brands that I find are the best as far as wearability and value, while still being the cream of the crop.

Why did I start using these products? Well, the truth is that I’ve been “meaning” to switch these products over for some time, but honestly was very lost as to what to look for and where to start. That’s why I’m writing this blog post so hopefully I can help point you in the right direction.

I’d like to mention that these brands are a “three in one” and what I mean by that is they are certified organic/vegan/cruelty free and are certified in these three areas. I currently use four brands that I find this in:

  • Pacifica
  • Burts Bees
  • Tarte
  • ALBA Botanica

I use these four brands for everything from makeup to shampoo, however I prefer to use all four for a certain area.


PACIFICA is a really good, really reliable brand that is always in stock and has high reviews. I use them for my hair shampoo, conditioner and hair smoother/leave in conditioner. I also use (and highly recommend) their perfume, which holds the same vegan and cruelty-free standards.

Currently I use their Kale Detoxifiying Shampoo and their Kale Conditioner (as seen below) and after two uses couldn’t believe how much softer and more healthy my hair looked and felt!

pacifica kale shampoo and conditioner , $10.00 from ulta


The shampoo + conditioner I buy from Ulta, where they are $10.00 each. Normally a tube of both of these last about two months or so, which I find is very good for a natural product line.


My leave-in conditioner + hair refiner is also from Pacifica, and its probably the best I’ve used. EVER.


hairvana leave-in hair detangler + refiner from papacifica, $12.00 from Ulta


This awesome stuff is basically a hair elixir from heaven I’m pretty sure, it’s my go to everyday and I always feel confident about my hair now when I go out. No frizzes, tangled hair or whisps!
I also use Pacifica  perfume, which I’ve really been enjoying. They carry about six to seven different scents and are all available either in the normal spray or in travel roll cases.




Next up is Burts Bees.  Burts Bees in an easy product line to find, and I usually get my stash of it from my local CVS.

A couple years ago I began to use their tinted lip balm, and really just like the brand in general. (I still use the tinted balm, my favorite tiny is Hibiscus.)

Right now I am using Burts Bees for my wet face wipes + nightly face moisturizer. Their face wipes I’ve found are pretty good and come in a 30 count package, so you’ll need to purchase them more frequently  than you’re probably used to.



burts bees wet facial wipes, CVS $10.97



Their nightly face moisturizer is very, very good. I was concerned it would be too oily at first, but I’ve been having good results with it and it really does a good job at not being tacky/sticky after applying. It does however have a honey-like scent, which to me is neither here nor there.



burts bees nightly face moisturizer, CVS, $17.00



Those are the two or three products I use from Burts at the moment, and I can honestly say they are probably the best wipesive used so far and the night cream works like a charm for skin that needs help with both moisturizing/brightening/correcting like mine does.





I use Tarte  cosmetics and I’m very impressed with this line. Their products have a mostly Amazonian clay base, and go on smoothly and stay all day.



This is their liquid foundation, which is very easy to use and is probably the smoothest I’ve every applied with such amazing coverage.




Their finishing powder lasts f o r e v e r  and comes with a specialized brush, however out of personal preference I use a blush brush.


Their eyeshadow is very, very good and I’m in love with all the shades!



This is probably my most favorite mascara. While I’m a fan of brownish/black coloring in a mascara, Tarte only uses black as their color but somehow Lights, Camera, Splashes has stolen my heart! Also, this is their waterproof version.



And finally, for all my makeup brushes I use EcoTools. They are certified organic materials and are very good brushes that last forever and are easy to use!


Do you have a favorite natural beauty or bath product? Want to know more about these products or need some tips? Please shoot me an email!
XOXO – Autumn


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