Ulta Haul {Pacifica + Tarte}

Hello Lovelies!

Today I’m posting about a recent Ulta haul and all that I brought home! Ulta was having an awesome sale this past weekend and I couldn’t help but walk away with some things I both wanted and needed!

As some of you know I only use beauty/skincare products that are cruelty free and certified vegan products, and since switching over I’ve been trying different brands that fit that description.

My favorite so far seem to be Pacifica and Tarte, which are both well known brands with excellent quality.

So here below you can see everything I was able to get the other day, a couple things were surprises to me and I’m so very happy with a few of them!


The Products 


The brands are all cruelty free + vegan (from left to right): Fizz + Bubble, Pacifica and Tarte. I’ve been using Pacifica and Tarte since the beginning of my beauty/skincare switch so I was pretty familiar with what I was purchasing in those, even though all these products are brand new to me!

What I did not anticipate was finding these bath fizzies from Fizz + Bubble, a vegan and cruelty free company specializing in specialty bath products like fizzies, bubble baths, scented dessert bath bars and such!

Actually when I was looking for things like this and good bath fizzies, I was wanting to try LUSH Cosmetics – however I did not know that they were exclusively sold in England. They do however ship to the US all the time, so hopefully in the future I can still try them.


Fizz + Bubble Bath Fizzies 

I was however pleasantly surprised that while much smaller in size, the US does carry a brand called Fizz + Bubble, and is our version of LUSH on a much smaller scale!

Here you can see I got Cucumber Melon and Lavender Fields bath fizzies. I have tried fizzies before and just always loved them whenever I have time to take a relaxing bath and just chill!

Typically you just place the fizzie in the water while its running and wait to smell the amazing scent, although you can place half of one in the bath if you’re trying to stretch your fizzies or need a diluted scent.


Detox Mask From Pacifica 


My first of three new products from Pacifica is their Pore Refine Detox Mask. I’ve tried it once since getting it, and I definitely can tell its working on getting an even skin tone! It’s also great from cleaning out your pores, but its recommend you use it a few times for a noticeable change.

It smells great and dosent leave your skin oily, which I love. It also doesn’t leave your skin uncomfortably tight and aggravated afterwards either, like some masks tend to do.

The mask goes on clear (with a pinkish tint!) and stays clear the entire time, so you can say bye-bye to those ugly masks that are green or orange once they dry!


Blushious Cheek Blush 


The second is one a beautiful cheek tint by Pacifica in “Camellia”. I really like this blush because it dosent really stand out so much as a color on your cheek, but more highlights it! It’s perfect for me because I don’t particularly like check color that stands out, and because it gives it a nurtural glow type tint.



Transcendent Pacifica Concealer


Pacifica has put out two concealers – one for lighter skin and one for darker skin tones. I have the lighter shade of this concealer and honestly I’ve never been a big concealer wearer but decided to purchase Pacifica’s because I like to apply it under my eyes for a brighter, cheerier complexion.

It’s a small tube and I only put two tiny dots under my eyes, so it should last someone like me for a while.


Tarte Precision Longwear Liner 

The final item is a precision liner from Tarte. Now I’ll be honest here, I haven’t really worn eyeliner before because I never felt confident putting it on. I could never get the line small enough, I always smudged and was never happy with the end product.

I don’t like eyeliner that is obviously visible, I just don’t. It looks to unrefined for me and isn’t a clean look whenever I have tried to pull it off.

Beacsue I use eyeliner for one reason – to accentuate my eyes. I put on an extremely thin line that is just barely visible, because my eyelashes are short and not evenly shaped I feel the need to accentuate my eyes as much as I can while still keeping a natural clean look.

This precision eyeliner is also waterproof, as is all my eye makeup! Being born and raised in the South, it gets extremely humid and I always noticed that after a couple hours my makeup (especially eye makeup) would just melt off.

How did I beat this? I switched to waterproof eye makeup altogether! I really believe every girl that lives in a hot or humid Summer climate should at least try this trick, because I’m telling you it really really works! 🙂


I hope this post has shed some light on these brands I love + how I beat the humid climate of the South! I think it’s really important to find brands you love that also love the ecosystem and makes efforts to help both it and you.

Feeling beautiful and confident as a woman can happen through many different things, but I love it most when I get these feelings through knowing I’m helping fight animal cruelty and when I know I’m using natural products that are not harmful and damaging!

If you have questions or comments on this post or other things cruelty free and vegan related, comment below or shoot me an email!






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