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Hello Lovelies!

It’s officially July now and I’m so excited about how time is flying! Lately I’ve been working on tons of projects in the studio and I’m just now catching up on emails and blog posts!

Some of my designs went to a convention last weekend so that kept me very busy, and now I’m hustling to get back to my normal orders!

It’s important to me that everything I wear and do reflects where I am from – I’m proud to be Southern and aim for all my styles to be “Southern Chic”!

However whether you’re from the South or not, these Southern style staples are universally flattering and timeless!


The Sunhat 

While hats are pretty much universally used for getting some shade, Southern ladies take this very seriously! Not only are they part of the Souths chic wear, they’ve got some pretty big history here, too!

As for me, my favorite sunhat is a short-brimmed straw hat with a bow I purchased in Charleston, SC in 2015.

I especially love short brimmed sun hats because, at least for me, I have better visibility and they stay out of the way.


This is my most worn sun hat and goes with every sundress I own, it’s great because it can be dressed or dressed down depending on the occasion and is also breathable.

I also have a wide brimmed Cappelli hat that I purchased from either a Belks or Dillards some years back, and while I wear it less it’s amazing to have at the beach. It also has lots of different colors which I like.

I bring this on every beach or lake trip and it never lets me down, it’s good quality and I’m sure will last many more years

All in all I think a few neutral sunhat should be in every girls closet because sometimes life just calls for a elegant sunhat!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have a whole collection of Simply Southern ball caps – but a good elegant sunhat just looks so good with a sundress!

Small Handbag

Small handbags seem to just be everywhere, so what makes a Southern Belles bag different? Well, it seems to me that our small handbags pack a punch!

What do I mean? Most Belles’ opt for a colorful and patterned bag that makes a statement and is their staple piece.

I own a few small handbags that fit this bill, however I personally care more for a bold colored bag rather than a patterned one because it makes getting out the door so much easier for me!

Typically I try to style my closet with like things so that no matter what I pull I know it will fit together – making mornings easier and less hectic!

Vera Bradley Leather Flap Bag

This is my everyday bag at the moment, and I absolutely love this handbag! It’s small, yet carries everything I need all in one chic turquoise leather package! It’s much brighter in real life and I’m absolutely obsessed with it!

It has a lovely adjustable strap and also is a lightweight leather, as opposed to a heavy leather bag that you feel like your shoulder is going to fall off at the end of the day!

I got this from a local boutique in early Spring of this year and it’s remained a favorite – the color also adds a nice pop to whatever I’m wearing and because of the shade of turquoise it would also be a great fall bag as well!



Dooney & Bourke Leather Bag 

Another favorite is this bag I got for my birthday, and while it isn’t necessarily a small handbag I really do love it and consider it a Summer staple for myself! 🙂

It is a large bag and I don’t always fancy carrying such a large bag so I use it when I know I need to carry a small notepad or my iPad with me.

Usually I use this one when I have to go to a business meeting or for a day trip, but once in a while I’ll use it in town and it’s always an easy bag to style! It is a thicker leather so it’s a tiny bit heavier, however I’ve had much heavier bags than this.

Dooney & Bourke are a really great company and I find the designs go nicely with most Southern outfits and are always the perfect mix of chic and modern!



Brahmin Fire Orange Croc Handbag


This handbag I purchased a couple Summers ago and I’ve found this one really packs a bold punch!!

Brahmin is a relatively expensive brand however this bag has been through a lot and still looks brand new!

Normally I’m not a crocodile skin (or any animal skin, for that matter) print kind of Belle’ but this one just really stood out to me and seemed like a good investment. I think it’s the color that really appealed to me because it’s between a fiery orange and a bold coral – a very good color for the middle of Summer!

I’ll be honest, I bought this during a big sale Dillards had and I honestly don’t have any regrets on getting it at all. I think it was a good investment and was worth every penny because of how its made and the fact I can ship it to Brahmin and have it polished and restored at any time.

I tend to think that quality items are better than a ton of quantity – yes you pay more, sometimes much more, but quality will last a lifetime and have more benefits than cheap junk!

The Sundress 

What is more Southern that a pretty little sundress!? Sundresses are the ultimate Southern Belle staple and so very classy!

They can be dressed up or down and oftentimes are in a range of colors and textures, making dressing for any occasion much easier.

They are great for a hot climate because they are generally made out of lightweight fabrics – think gingham, seersucker, chambray and linen.

My all-time favorite designers of these are probably Maggy London, ALYX, London Times, Ralph Lauren, AGB, Chris McLoughlin, American Living and Nine West.

A Few Of My Sundresses 


To be honest I have so many sundresses this year it’s hilarious! I have quite a few more than the ones above, but these are my top eleven that are kinda my go-to sundresses, although all my other ones are amazing too!

I think these are my top faves because they are just so comfortable! Some of my others are more formal and structured, and these are more stretchy and wearable for every day.

In the picture above (and my others not pictured) I tried to keep a balance this year of textures. I have some lace, seersucker, stripes, linen and a lightweight knit. I also have gingham and satin, though they are not pictured.

I love how easy it is to wear these from day to night, from casual chic to fairly dressy in only a matter of minutes – they are truly a Southern staple and a good investment!


Simple Modern Pearls 

I haven’t met a Southern Belle yet who hasn’t owned a string of pearls at one point or another, and that definitely is a true statement!

Weather that string  of pearls is from their grandmother, was a wedding gift or is from her local boutique we’ll never know, but pearls are definitely a Southern staple!

Women all over the world wear pearls now, but down in the South we really know how to wear them well and pass them down from generation to generation! I remember the first time I saw the perfect string of pearls – my grandmother was wearing them with a swishy dress and beautiful curls.

They’re probably my most reached for earrings, because I wear pearl earrings a lot. Usually I don’t wear a full-on set of pearls, but through the week I probably wear pearl earrings or a simple pearl necklace four to five times.

Pearl Necklace, Earrings + Bracelet 



I love a good pearl set and have a few, and I’m always just so impressed on how well they compliment my outfit no matter what they may be!



Anything Monogrammed

It’s true – us Southern Belles love anything monogrammed! It’s a Southern craze that I don’t believe will ever go out of style!

From table linens, leather boots, car stickers, jewelry, vanity boxes, hats, t-shirts and handbags Southern girls will find a reason to monogram just about anything! Not to mention the infamous hair bow monogramming craze last summer.

My something monogrammed is actually from my husband, and I absolutely adore it! He gave me a beautiful monogrammed leather handbag this past Spring as a wedding gift and I’m absolutely obsessed with it!


Monogrammed Crossbody 


It’s a very soft leather and has the prettiest coral print inside of it which makes it a favorite of mine! 🙂

Cross body bags are probably among my favorite and seem to be practical with just about anything, plus it’s from Samuel from our wedding time so you know it means a great deal to me! 🙂

I don’t have any at this point, but I would love some monogrammed jewelry and things from a boutique called Swoozies, they have absolutely adorable pieces and are oh so Southern!


To me these items are staples here in the South and I think that every Southern Belle should have these items as part of her closet and lifestyle, because they truly are a part of us here.

Southern style is a mixture of timeless and bespoke pieces that compliment anyone who appreciates this style, and I truly am in love with everything about it.

I hope this post has maybe pointed out a few areas you may not have thought of and helped you better understand this truly amazing style!


XOXO – Autumn 


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