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Hello Loves!

As Summer vacation draws to a close soon, everyone will be running around trying to get their back to school supplies and then enter into a new academic year!

Pretty much all my friends and I are done with grade school + college now, but I can’t help but notice all the girls on Instagram and other social media outlets that are crying in frustration because they see no way of carrying some style into their academic life.

I can definitely understand this one, because I had many of the same frustrations. In grade school I wanted my things to be different and feminine (instead of all gloomy colored and boring) with a side of chic.

When I did my schooling with Liberty Univ. I did it online, but still, I wanted academic supplies that were girly and had some life to them!

No matter what school you go to or college (or even if you go in person or online) chic accessories will help you maintain your femininity and set you apart from the crowd.

I’ve broken down the supplies into: Backpacks, Agendas + Chic Accessories.

Most of these items you’ll probably have to purchase online unless you live near a mall that carries some of these brands, so be prepared to do so if you fall in love with some of the items below 🙂



Ah, the backpack. This was probably one of my favorites to pick out back then, although most of the time I kept my backpack choice for a couple of years before opting for a fresh one.

I tried to round some stylish ones up in various price ranges so that no matter what your budget is, you’re sure to find a well made bag with good personality!


ZARA, $30.00


First up is this lovely off-white faux leather backpack from ZARA! It’s smaller than a regularly sized backpack which makes it perfect for those who carry fewer items.

It’s a neutral color so no matter what you wear it is going to compliment it! ZARA is a good brand that has well-made items and they usually tailor to classic designs with a modern edge.

It is also only $30.00 which makes this both a steal plus a bag that would save you a little cash for other items.


Suede + Canvas Backpack, $34.99


This bag has a little pop of color and has texture play through suede and canvas materials, plus the beautiful rose gold hardware!

You can find this at Target and possibly Nordstrom, and at $34.99 its a winner! This is a bit larger than the ZARA backpack above, and reminds me of a polished Anthropologie look for less!


Perforated Details, $39.95


This little pretty is from H + M and I really love the subtle detailing! Again, this is a little smaller of a bag than you’ll find with your JanSport backpacks but I honestly don’t think it’s a bad thing.

To me a smaller bag keeps you in line by carrying essentials instead of a bagful of various junk that leaves your shoulders sore for the rest of the week!

This is a leather bag with a pebble texture to it, which adds a little more detail. This is one of those bags that could later double as a commuter bag when you enter into the business world or possibly even a weekender bag, personally I love it when bags are able to do this because it saves you money in the long run and adds life to your investment!


NOSIS Backpack, $50.00


This leather bag makes an obvious statement + has tons of storage! This backpack is from ALDO and can be purchased from their website.

I like the little pockets on the front and the zipper storage as well, plus its a neutral taupe color which would add an effortlessly chic touch to any outfit!



FOSSIL, $128.00


This beauty is Fossil brands “Blake” backpack, and while it does boast darker colors I think it really does a good job at staying chic!

This is a pricier backpack, but I’ve made other investments into Fossil purchases and they honestly do last a lifetime!

Fossil is a really, really great brand and always manages to stay both sporty + chic, which is sometimes a hard mix to find.

I like the use of charcoal, orange, white, coral and red in this bag and I’m also loving the little tassels!


BELLE + SKY ‘s “Charli”


Belle + Sky is a relatively new brand to me, but I do love the soft yet define details in this backpack!

This is actually a larger backpack and is purchasable via JCPenny online! Originally this backpack is $70.00, but right now at JCPenny it is only $42.00!! 🙂

It’s just a really clean, modern chic bag and I like how it is actually a bright white verses an off-white color. (however, be mindful this may make it show scuffs and/or dirty spots quicker.)

I hope these backpacks have helped open your eyes to a few chicer bags + possibly shown you that a smaller size may be something valuable for you to try! (though a few of those were “normal” size)




Who could get through life without a good, ladylike agenda!? Certainly not me!

I think one agenda is good enough for both your everyday life + academic studies, especially if you tend to carry everything including the kitchen sink around with you all the time!

Right now I’m using a lovely Lily Pulitzer agenda which I absolutely love, and it actually holds both my day to day life plans + work notes and deadlines.

I’ve gathered just a few agendas because I didn’t think a ton was necessary, I’ve owned these agendas (or ones similar by the same brand) and think they are the most perfect agendas out there. They each have big spaces to write, are colorful, include the biggest holidays, have sections for passwords and addresses and most have note sections for each month!

Vera Bradley, $25.00


This is Vera Bradley’s 2016-2017 agenda in Lilac Tapestry and I think it is just so pretty! It comes in a couple other colors and comes at a good price for a designer agenda.

It’s medium sized and made very well, so you won’t have to worry about it falling apart in the middle of the year!



Lily Pulitzer, $30.00


Lily Pulitzer has a few great designs for 2016-2017 agendas, but I really liked her “Tusk In Sun” pattern above!

Bright pink and gold will never go out of style, plus who could resist the pretty elephants prancing around!?

Lily probably makes my top favorite agendas because of their overall design inside + their happy and chic covers on the outside.


Kate Spade, $30.00



Kate Spade has this pretty floral agenda, and I think it’s just so beautiful and classic! They have a few different sizes and patterns this year, from mini to large, but I think this medium size is the most popular and useable size available.


I think these agendas + brands make the best agendas you can buy, so I’m only posting those three! Each brand has a couple different styles and more colors, so be sure to check them out and eventually try one!

A good agenda and a smile will get you many places, so never underestimate that!



Chic Accessories 


These are admittedly probably the hardest to find – most of what is advertised as “chic” school accessories most often turn out to be tacky and cheap looking.

This used to infuriate me a lot because even finding a neutral “soft pink” was a chore because everything was always that tacky, ugly, neon pink!

I had a somewhat hard time finding these at reasonable prices, so I’m not going to categorize them and instead just list them below and then you’ll be able to go take a look at them later.


Kate Spade Pencil Set, $20.00


This lovely pencil set is from Kate Spade NY, and I absolutely love these pencils! It automatically turns a boring no. 2 pencil into a sophisticated, chic writing usntiensel and even  better – you get 10 of them! 🙂

Now I haven’t actually gotten these pencils yet, but I am probably going to end up getting them for work because I just adore the colors and patterns!



Pencil Bag, $30.00



This is the matching pencil case to go with the Kate Spade pencils above, however I feel like this price is a bit steep for a little pencil case so I’m going to be showing you a few others below. 🙂



Clipiola Italian Paper Clips, $7.50


These pretty little spiral paper clips come in silver or gold and are actually Italian style, which I think they look really neat!

It comes in a little round tin of 125, and is small enough to fit into any little nook and cranny in your backpack.


Rifle Paper Co., 7.50


This little notepad caught my eye because of the colors and the fact this is has pre-printed check boxes!!

I don’t know anybody that can go through the school year, college semester or even work without a good notepad!

The notepad above is from Rifle Paper Co., and while you can purchase their products at a couple different places note that sometimes the prices tend to change from store to store.


Barnes & Noble, $12.95


This pretty case has so many pretty colors and in my opinion is just as chic as the one from Kate Spade! 🙂

It has a metal zipper which is great and is built very well, and through the years I think this will serve you later on as well for work.



Kate Spade Pushpins, $25.00


I am in LOVE with these little gold bow pushpins! Ahh they are just so adorable and are the price above at their website and also the same price at Belks website as well, however I find they have more sales on them which could be a bonus!

Pushpins were actually surprisingly something I used a lot (and still do) because sometimes the best way to remember something is to have it pinned up on cork board so you’ll see it often.

You also get 24 of them in the pretty box, which is awesome!


CuteTape Tape Dispenser, $18.50



This little elephant may not be everyones cup of tea, but I thought he was just so darn adorable! 🙂 And, he holds 2 tapes instead of one! How thrifty!

Now I’ve never ordered from the CuteTape website before, but they seem to have really good items and some very cute pieces as well so it might be worth the try to order sometimes!

You’d also never get your dispenser mixed up with somebody else’s because, I mean, who else has an elephant tape dispenser!?



Notebooks, $12.00


I found these feminine little notebooks at the See Jane Work website! They are actually Kate Spade NY notebooks – and you get two of them for only $12.oo!

Now that is a deal I am certainly going to consider going after myself! I also really love that website because most everything is chic and they always have good sales!



Russel + Hazel Binders, $14.00


These are some of the prettier binders I found out there, they have gold detailing and either a white or colorful deco print on the spines.

I definitely think these would be a good purchase on a three-ring binder, you’ll definitely stand out from the rest of the crowd plus have good quality binders!


Dry Erase Wall Sticker Decal Shabby Chic, $45.00


So this you can’t necessarily take with you during your school day, but this is an awesome way to keep up with deadlines and various important work through the year!

This is from PB Teen’s website, and they always have the coolest things and often also have really great deals!

The calendar is a giant sticker – so you just stick the big decal to your wall and voila! You have an awesome dry erase calendar you can easily see!


I hope this post has helped a few young ladies gain ideas on how to stay chic and classy this coming academic year weather you’re in grade school or university!

It’s also one of those posts that is good for us girls already out in the work world wanting to add some everyday style to our workload or office – a major game changer!

I find that when you are surrounded by things you love, bright colors and timeless style the world is such a happier place and helps you lead a happier, more productive life.

Happy Friyay, friends!

XOXO – Autumn 




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