September Goals and Lovely Things

Hello All 🙂

As you can tell some big things have been happening behind the scenes (thus why I’ve been so quiet) and I’m so excited to announce that my blog has a fresh new face which also – surprise! – includes Autumn Renae Design’s new logo 🙂

I have another HUGE surprise for you around the corner which I cannot WAIT to show everyone 😉

But for now showing the new blog face and beautiful logo will have to do, so I’m going to move into the post for today!

It honestly doesn’t seem like it should be time for me to be writing about September goals! This year is really flying by for me not only because of married life but also because of things with my business and just life in general.

September is going to be a pretty busy month for me mostly because towards the end of it I will be sending some of my designs to a convention, and preparing for conventions starts weeks before the actual convention weekend.

Without further ado lets get to the list! 🙂



September Goals 

+   Reveal The Surprise 🙂

This has taken a few months of work, so I’m very excited to be able to finally show the end product. 

+ Finish Preparing For Convention

Conventions are awesome for getting my products, services and designs out there but as pretty as the table looks there is of course always a ton of work that went on behind the scenes to get it done. 🙂

Start Planning For The Holidays 

I start planning meals and decorations long before the holidays actually arrive, and it’s normally around the end of August/Early September when I start all this! 

+ Upload Photos Of Recent Photography Projects 

There are sooooo many beautiful pictures I’ve taken that I seriously need to upload and make different blog posts out of! I guess the reason I don’t is it takes a looong time to actually upload the content, but I hope to do this soon. 

Market My Recent Window Projects 

Recently I’ve started painting old and antique windows to sell as home decor, which has been an ultra fun project that I need to market and put out there! I use a mixture of fine art painting and minimalistic designs, in which I use window paint and also stained glass paint which make for a unique combination. 

Start On Christmas Gifts 

It would be safe to say that since I’m a maker/photographer/crafter many of the Christmas gifts I give to my family and a few friends are handmade by me! Because of this (and because my work gets busier around the holidays) I start making these gifts in the spring and summer, leaving me more stress-free when these times actually get here 🙂 

Introduce My Mens Sugar Scrub Line 

Yes, you read that right! After many requests and a lot of researching I’m finally launching a sugar scrub line specifically for men! 🙂 I’m pretty excited about this because this is a need I’ve seen for a while now and I’m super stoked to be launching this new line! 

Get Back Into My Fitness Routine 

If you’re following me on Instagram you’ve probably seen a few photos of workout clothes and treadmills and perhaps some early morning yoga – and thats because I’ve been slowing getting back into my fitness routine! 🙂 I was doing good until we came back from our trip to Alaska where I had pretty much gone bonkers over the amazing food on the cruise ship – but I’m getting back on track and thats all that matters, right? 

Finish Up Our Fall Garden Projects 

Hubby and I have almost gotten everything in order to do this, and I’m excited to be planting again and harvesting things grown right out of the backyard! I LOVE knowing where my food came from and it’s awesome to know you grew it yourself! 

Make Something Special For Boo

He’s been working so hard lately, I’d love to make him something special that he would both use and enjoy. Sometimes the people you’re closest to are the hardest to make for, haha 🙂 

Lovely Things 

I think it’s important to focus on the lovely things in life amidst all the chaos that can creep into our everyday lives, which is why I’ve decided to add a “Lovely Things” section at the end of every “Goals” post!

Some lovely things I’ve recently experienced or read about:


Being content is something that a lot of people chase but never find, but currently I can happily say I am very content with my life and with my love. 

My Love 

My Hubby is one of the kindest, hardest working men I know and is always there no matter what. He’s very patient and is always trying to find little ways to surprise me or make my day easier – I’m so thankful to God for the gift of him. 

Moring Yoga 

I have been finding a lot of peace and relaxation when I get up, grab my yoga mat and get set up in front of one of the large windows and watch the sun rise while doing my yoga routine. I just like having that quiet time and love how I’m getting more flexible. 

Kitchen Herbs 

I find a lot of joy when I’m in our kitchen taking care of the little herbs in the windowsill – each one is so unique and smells so good 🙂 


Having a good family is something I believe everyone strives for, and Hubby and I are very grateful to each have a fantastic family that we know is always there for us! We both love each others family and we’re both blessed to have amazing in-loves 🙂 


Everyone has potential, no matter their circumstances. I think it’s important to remember to build other people up and help with that potential they have, because becoming the best version of ourselves is a universal goal that should be both celebrated and worked on. That being said, help somebody or do something special for someone else today 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed this post today, and I’m very excited for the month to come! 🙂 Not only do I have a few new launches up my sleeve but you’ll also get the full surprise details this coming month!



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