Dear Diary: Married Life

Hello All!

So I decided to introduce a diary-type post about what’s on my mind or recent things going on in my life personally that I’ll be posting to a couple times a month! I love reading this style of post and thought that perhaps a few of my readers would as well, as I think you tend to get to know the writer a little better.

Some will be more serious while today I decided to write a comical post about life after “I Do”. Please know that I seriously lovvvvve my husband and that all the scenarios below are made to be funny!

At the end I do have some serious thoughts about marriage, though, so make sure you read those as well 🙂


Dear Diary: Married Life


Ah, married life. Married lyfe. MARRIED LIFE.

It’s been 137 days since I walked down the grassy aisle on our farm and said “I Do” to my partner and husband, and honestly it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long! It’s been a whirlwind honestly, we always have something going on or some project for the house.

Married life is a pretty special thing, I’ll tell you that! Most girls dream about Prince Charming after they get swooned by the prince in Cinderella or perhaps watch the beast fall in love with Belle.

As we get older we see things like The Princess Diaries and The Prince and Me while sitting on our couches eating popcorn and probably talking to our best girlfriend, wondering when in the world our precious Prince is going to show up in our lives. By the time the movie is over and he hasn’t started ringing the doorbell, we sit there and pout a minute before trudging upstairs to our room.

Fast forward to when we actually do meet our Prince Charming, and then get married and live happily ever after.

Well, here’s a couple scenarios you’re sure to encounter after your beautiful wedding day 😉

One: Mornings 

Happily ever after ………. did I mention that happily ever after includes (after “I Do”) one morning  you’ll look over at each other and see drool dripping, hear snot sniffling and wonder what on earth happened to each other’s normally perfectly groomed hair!?

Terrified you’ll roll over and consider calling 911 – or maybe your bestie – to save you from the other thing in the bed!

On your nightstand, you see your WWJD bracelet and think how Jesus would probably wonder what he had created  probably fix the other thing in bed a nice breakfast and send it off happily skipping to work.

Then, you feel the things arm all of a sudden around your waist pulling you to it, where it gives you a big squeeze and a nice slobbery kiss – oh the joys. *sigh*


Two: Dinner 

Oh yes, dinner!

That wonderful time you look forward to every day because you know the love of your life will walk through the door. *insert dreamy smile here*

You envision him knocking on the door – no wait, he doesn’t have to do that – because as soon as you hear the car you go running out to meet him. You hug him and he gives you a kiss and then hands you a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

Happily, you bounce into the house with him in tow; the house is all beautiful and clean, the pup is sitting there happily wagging her tail, wax melts have made the whole house smell like the ocean and dinner is a delicious Italian fare with homemade breadsticks to boot. 

*snapping back into reality, thoughts going a million miles a minute*

Oh my gosh he’s at the front door knocking and you just spilled the macaroni and cheese on the floor and the dog is going bonkers and the house smells like the refrigerator because you didn’t clean it out today and dinner was going to be the macaroni and chicken but now you spilled it and the chicken was burned whilst you were cleaning up the macaroni and cheese and OH MY GOSH LOOK AT MY HAIR!

Ahhhhhh, yes, dinner is always an amazing time full of exciting details like that. LOL. 😉


Three: Dates 

You know when you first started dating and it took you about forty-five minutes to an hour to get dressed, dinners were delicious fares at little swanky cafes or lovely restaurants, a movie followed after and if it was a special occasion you had some type of extraordinary dessert?

When Hubby and I were dating our favorite type of date was going to a movie and eating at quirky little local cafes, and sometimes we would go walk around the mall or go play arcade games.

It’s said that after “I Do” healthy marriages still involve dates and dating, because even after you’re officially a married couple you should still strive to make the marriage fresh and exciting………

“What do you want for dinner? It’s Saturday so it’s date day, remember?” 

I don’t know, what do you want?” 

“I want whatever you want.”  

“No, really honey, I honestly don’t know.”

“Well, what do you feel like eating? Seafood, Steak, Burgers, Mexican, Italian……….”

“Hmmmm, what about a burger? That cafe down on —–”

“—- Okay! I have a BOGO for McDonalds and maybe we can get an ice cream cone.” 

*Mmmmm mmm mmm this tastes just like the burger at the cafe I was trying to remind him about*

Hey, after we eat you wanna see a movie?” 

Sure! What kind love?” 

“Well we both like action, so how about action?” 

Oh yeahhhhh! I remember we have that DVD of Batman Vs. Superman still in its package! Great idea love” *takes another bite*  “You’re so smart!” 

Yep. Dates will happen, even nice ones – but the meaning of “nice” may change after “I Do” when there’s a mortgage, car payment and debt to pay 😉

So all in all, married life is full of adventure and scenarios that you can either make the best of or the worst out of.

While this was a funny take on a couple of normal everyday mishaps and ramblings it’s important to remember that after the beautiful wedding and honeymoon life goes back to normal, where there are bills to pay and things to do.

Make sure that you find a partner for life – not just for the dates and good times.

In marriage, there are going to be fantastic days where the world is fine and other days when it feels like everything is just rolling downhill at a fast pace. You’ve got to be each others place of safety and brace in the bad times and each other’s playmate in the good times.

It’s easy to get married – it takes dedication and God’s strength to stay married.

Somebody once told me that marriage was God’s finishing school, and now that I’m married I agree with that statement. Marriage is both the biggest test of love and devotion as well as the most fun adventure you’ll ever take.

Plus, if its Gods will you’ll also have children to raise and grow which is an added adventure and test to a marriage. While my Hubs and I aren’t in that stage yet, someday we pray we will be and even now we’re praying for guidance and strength for that time.

It’s so nice to have a God-given partner by my side who always works so hard to provide, protect and cheer me on in this life. It’s a really special bond that you’ll only fully understand after “I Do” and it’s also not always easy, but I promise that if you’re with the person God had in His will for you it will always be worth it.

Marriage isn’t a complete fairy tale like we watched in the movies, marriage is hard work and you have to forgive a lot, but at the end of the day, it’s always worth it.

You’re both going to say things you shouldn’t, from time to time someone’s feelings are going to get hurt and “I’m sorry” is going to be in order and someday somehow your bond is going to be put to the test. That’s marriage. That’s life.

Disney isn’t real life, and real life isn’t Disney. But that certainly doesn’t mean that married life isn’t special or worth it.

With God at the heart of a marriage, nothing will be impossible.

Now that I’m married I can’t imagine life without Samuel, I’m not sure how I lived before him. I love him to death, he’s my spouse and best friend, which is how it should be. A marriage where you’re both always bickering and certainly not best friends is a marriage in trouble.

And as much as I love him, yes we’ve had disagreements. And yes, I’ve wanted to dump cold water on him in the shower. (And yes, I have dumped cold water on him in the shower, and no I was not mad.)

But it honestly is an amazing adventure that God places two people in and then tells them to fly. How you fly is up to the two of you – will you fly easy or will you crash?

That’s completely up to you, and the responsibility is on both of your shoulders equally.

So all in all just remember that as funny as the stories are, make sure you marry someone who you can live life with – and make sure you give it your all.

XOXO – Autumn Renae



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