15 Reasons I’m Excited About Fall



Hello All!

As it is right now we are only 19 days away from Fall! Oh my goodness, I’m not sure I could express my excitement well enough even in writing!

I think every person on this earth has at least one thing they absolutely love about Fall either through a memory or perhaps a tradition they carry on every year when Fall finally arrives.

It probably wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I have hundreds of things that I love about it, but today I’ve chosen to share 15!


1. The Colors

Just the colors of everything – clothes, home decor, the landscape. All the colors change from super bright Summer colors to more demure and faded shades and pastels. I especially love the plum and forest green shades, and also love the rusty orange hues that tend to come out around this time.


2. Festivals 

Living in small-town America there are always small festivals and such to celebrate this vivid time of the year. Small orchards run apple picking, pumpkin harvesting, and corn festivals and locals are almost always there showing off a craft.


3. Rainy, Dreary Days 

I’m a lover of rainy, dreary days! The mixture of dampness and the gray sky against a backdrop of orange, yellow or brown colors is just so exciting to me!


4. Sweaters  

One thing I always do whenever Fall finally rolls around is bring out the cozy, knitted sweaters! I like to keep a mixture of vintage, classic, and modern style sweaters on hand.


5. B+BW Candles 

Everyone knows Bath and Body Works puts out amazingly scented candles, and I would have to say that their Fall scented ones are my favorite! If you just walk into a store and stand there and smell the scents, you’re instantly transported to all things Fall!


6. Hats 

I love wool hats! Every Fall time I bring out any wool hats I own, because they coordinate so easily with most Fall outfits and add a nice cozy flare. I’m especially drawn to floppy wool hats and vintage wool caps.


7. Long Walks 

I absolutely lovvvve walks in the Fall, not only is it cooler but you also see the falling leaves and sometimes even see more wildlife. The Hubs and I didn’t have Adeline last Fall but we look forward to slow nature walks with her this coming Fall season, she’s so full of energy and curiosity it will make for fun walks!


8. Holiday Planning 

The first day of Fall equals the start of lot’s of holiday planning if I didn’t start it earlier in the year, and even if I did it makes the planning much more fun when the Fall season actually arrives.


9. Boots 

I love wearing my cowboy boots any time of the year, but especially in the Fall! (This may be  TMI, but I have the problem of my feet sweating more than the average persons and closed toed shoes just work better when it’s cooler.) Plus cowboy boots look so cute with a drapey sweater or rust-colored cardigan!


10. Outdoor Activities 

My husband and I love to go fishing and hiking, and Fall is the prime season for us to have a weekend full of most anything outdoors! The cooler weather makes for excellent afternoons to go on a picnic or biking adventure, too.


11. Campfire’s + S’mores 

Who doesn’t just love a good campfire that’s extra cozy, a bag of marshmallows, some graham crackers and a piece of chocolate!? But even without the sweet treat, campfires are pretty amazing! The colors of the fire and landscape are so beautiful together, it’s almost breathtaking.


12. Eventually Cool Weather

Now, I say eventually because down here in the South it can Christmas and still be in the seventies or high sixties in temperature. But sometimes if we’re lucky we will get sporadic cool days here and there which is very much looked forward to by this girl!


13. Thanksgiving 

Ah yes, that beautiful day where all the family joins together and celebrates a day of thankfulness and faith. I love Thanksgiving and used to call it “National Food Day”, but all playfulness aside I love the whole tradition of this holiday and that everyone joins together. It’s also exciting because it will be the first Thanksgiving my Hubs and I share as a married couple!


14. The Sunsets 

While there are times I don’t particularly like the sun setting sooner, for the most part, I enjoy it because it’s just another thing that makes Fall unique. With the sun setting sooner it’s easier to see any twinkle lights that are already placed, campfires glow more and afternoons are shorter making it normal to have a cozy night in.


15. We Share The Same Name 

Perhaps one of the reasons I love Fall so much is because I’m also named after it! Fall, or Autumn, time is special to me for all these reasons and more but particularly cool because we share the same name. (Thanks, mom and dad!)


It’s exciting because we are almost so close I can taste it, yet it still seems like those 19 pesky days are going to go by so slow!

What reasons do you have for loving Fall time? Do you and your family have any special traditions around this time? If so, post down in the comments section to share!


XOXO – Autumn Renae 



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