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I don’t think I’ve blogged a proper travel post before, so today I decided to post one about the places I’ve traveled that left a mark on my heart and were extraordinary and inspirational!

Growing up my family and I did a lot of traveling, though we didn’t start taking longer travels until I was in my tweens and teens. My father had the travel bug when he was in his twenties and my mom had also traveled some, they wanted me to see a couple little slices of heaven, too.

The image I’ve posted is from is a snippet of Rainbow Bow in Charleston, South Carolina that I’ve edited a little bit so you could get a more clear glimpse.

I remember going to Disney for the first time and I think that’s when it really hit me that there was a whole wide world out there to conquer.

Shortly after I had landed in the teenage years my parents rented an RV and we set off for a little bit more than a whole month – our destination being Idaho. That remains one of my favorite travels to date because we saw so many states on our way, some favorites being New Mexico, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

The real treat though was when we arrived in Idaho and went for a caribou sleigh ride through soft falling snow in a magical, unreal little place called McCall. To this day I’ve never again found a place so magical it looked unreal, McCall is the only place I’ve ever experienced such a feeling.

A few years later we rented the same RV but this time, our destination was Maine. The trek through New England was a beautiful time, the terrain and sights are almost like somebody painted a canvas and then it came to life. Some parts are more settled than other and have that small, New England town charm while other places are more desolate with only rocky shorelines and fir trees.

In the state of North Carolina I really enjoy Asheville and Boone, and as far as the ocean goes I prefer the quiet serenity of Corolla in the Outer Banks.

On one of our bigger trips we spent some time in Nashville, Tennessee, and that was a busier place but I enjoyed it. We toured the Grand Ole Opry and even got to stand on stage which felt amazing considering all the people that have stood on that circle.

I’ve also been to Charleston, South Carolina, twice and that is always such a treat. It is beautiful, romantic, stylish and has a lot of historical elements to it which is perfect for me and qualities I enjoy while traveling.

There’s also a list of little tiny town’s we’ve visited as well, and I always enjoy those.

Outside the United States, I’ve been to Mexico, Jamacia, Canada, Grand Caymans and a small island owned by Disney called Castaway Cay.

The most recent trip is one that my Hubs, parents and myself went on in Alaska. We also spent some time in Seattle, Washington, which for someone who loves rainy days was really good for me!

New York City was an exciting place to visit a few years back, and the busiest city I’ve ever been to. I’m sure I would visit again for Broadway (we saw the Lion King) and Fashion Avenue but for the most part, it was a good experience but too many people for me to handle regularly.

Travel to me is a very good way to learn other cultures and see different systems of life, even if you don’t leave the United States you’ll find many different cultures in different states, especially the West.

As far as outside the United States I like to go beyond the normal cities and actually go to the places where real life occurs because that’s where you get to experience the real culture.

Where all have you traveled, or where would you like to go? Have you ever experienced a different culture that was complex and interesting? If so please leave a comment below, it’s so neat to see where other people have visited and loved!

Happy Traveling!

XOXO – Autumn Renae 


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