Transitioning Into Fall

Hello, Loves!

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I could live in fall year round, I just love the season so much! It is a beautiful time of the year when clothing and decor start to change, there is a nip in the air, and certain traditions come out to be celebrated once more!

However, fall can also be tricky as well because for a few weeks there is this feeling of colors and outfits and weather and life being in limbo.

Especially here in the South, where it is quite warm sometimes even after Thanksgiving. This can make it difficult to know how to decorate, let alone dress!

I do have a few favorite transitioning tips, though, and they seem to work pretty well in the warmer fall weather we have here, though I do think they would work pretty much anywhere. Some of these are no-brainers, but sometimes it is the no-brainers that we forget and then are left feeling lost not knowing what to do in such a situation as this!

Let’s get started, shall we? 🙂


One: Give The Dress Life 


What do I mean by this? I mean that most ladies simply just toss their summer dresses into the back of the closet (or wherever they put their summer clothes) not thinking twice about it. But the truth is, even in places with colder fall times, most of those dresses can be stretched until about Thanksgiving!

Not only does this save you money, but it also lets you wear your summer favorites longer! A good way to keep these dresses going into fall is simply just adding a denim jacket, woven scarf or simple flats! Any of these (or all three at once!) work wonderfully with most dresses and the items are very easy to find.


Two: Change Of Color 

Simply changing the color of something to match the season can work wonders! With fall you mostly see something like plum, burnt orange or olive green colors appearing out of nowhere, but those are not the only colors that look pretty in the fall!

Colors like turquoise, magenta, gray, navy blue, khaki and even light oranges have their place. This fall season I even have some dusty rose and china blue pieces tucked in my wardrobe just waiting to be styled, and I think they are very appropriate colors! Just because fall tends to be a more demure time of the year through decor and clothing pieces does not mean everything must be dead, boring colors!

My point is, that some of the colors above are also common in the summertime and can easily be weaved into your fall pieces for a while before a) it gets too cold to wear them or b) you have a stash later in the season of traditional colors.

But, if you know me, I’ll be wearing the peppiest colors I can for as long as I can 😉

Three: Shoes 

Having a lot of shoes can be a blessing and a curse, however, sometimes it pays to have a good selection for transitioning seasons. I probably have a nearly equal amount of sandals to flats to boots, and I enjoy having a lot of different styles because it actually makes putting outfits together easier!

If I had to choose just two categories, though, I’d probably pick flats and boots. Lately, I’ve picked up on the chelsea boot craze, and I must say I do like their versatility! They are easy to style and look unique and quirky every time. 🙂

Here where it is warmer in the fall time it can be verrrryyyyy tempting to keep wearing sandals, but it really does dampen the fall spirit when you do, I’ve learned. So even on the warmest days I fight myself and put away all my sandals and only leave out my flats, tennis shoes, loafers, chelsea boots, dressy boots and cowgirl boots!

Honestly, it is not dreadful. It can be a bit warm on your toes, yes, but I really do not want to be wearing a fall outfit and then have these sandals underneath sticking out like a sore thumb. I just can’t handle it!

I’m very loyal to fall and like to keep fall, well, fall! 🙂

Four: For The Arms 

I covered some of this in the first tip, but I’m a big believer in denim jackets, little vintage jackets and the classic trench coat for fall! You can put one over a short sleeve shirt and voila – you just created a fall top option that is very functional!

This works great for fall mornings where the air has a slight nip in it but the afternoons are somewhat warm because you can simply take the little jacket or trench off, and later put it back on for the chilly nights!

I do this trick  a lot and it works very, very well!

It can also be quite cute too when done with certain items, and it’s also easy to those day-to-night outfits with this tip as well. 🙂

Five: The Good Length 


The length of a hem is a key player in these tips. This goes for both pants and skirts or dresses,  they all have hems so this covers them all, specifically for fall time and even some of winter as well.

I’m a lover of midi and knee-length skirts and dresses in the fall and winter time. Now I know that seems backward, but for me, it is less of my legs getting cold and more of my torso getting chilly so therefore I enjoy this hem length in the fall and winter!

Firstly, I think it makes a statement! I love the look of a midi/knee length skirt or dress with a beautiful classic coat, pretty stockings and darling shoes in the fall and winter. It makes such a statement and looks very chic, and beings I’m a girl who lives in the South it works about 99.9% of the time!

I don’t know, I just really do prefer that look above the others. I also like it because I can stretch the denim, khaki, and other neutral colors into every season then instead of just regulating  that length to spring and summer.

To me, it’s a very classic look and it sets you apart from the hoards of other people that wear very long hems in that time of year, so it also makes you a bit more unique! It is a very easy look to pull off if you are into the shabby chic or vintage corner, which I am and love so dearly.



Six: Accessories 

Sometimes this tip works for me and other times it does not, but fall is a great time to pull out some woven scarves and vintage beret hats! Most of the time I cannot do this until around Thanksgiving or later – but I always look forward to the times that I can!

I enjoy how a scarf can drastically change the look of a sweater, and I’m a firm believer in different fall hat styles and appreciate the handbags that come out this time of year. I guess you could also put stockings and tights in this category, too, because those can also change your look dramatically if done correctly!

Personally, though I’m more into the scarves and hats, because I have more experience with them, and I’m also good at pairing handbags this time of year. I do like quirky stockings and tights but I have the hardest time getting them to work for me. It’s quite irritating! 🙂

I hope this post has given you some useable tips for transitioning into fall! I tried to make these very easy to pull off and if you don’t have an item or two that you would like to try, they are very easy to get a hold of from most any store.

Most of these became favorites of mine simply because they work well in more mild falls like we seem to always have in the South, as most of the tips are additives to an outfit that can be removed with your outfit still looking great!

The color and hemline tips became lifesavers for me one year when it was especially warm but I still really wanted to be in the fall spirit, and I think that even if you live somewhere that has chilly fall seasons this would still work to stretch your wardrobe.

Hopefully, these are useful for some of my readers! Do any of you have tips for transitioning into fall? If so, comment below!

XOXO – Autumn Renae


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