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Today I’m introducing another Green Beauty post (thus the GB in the title) about a couple different methods of shaving. I have been asked about this a couple of times and pretty much since the beginning of my green beauty journey this has had me stumped more than a few times.

I have found three different ways to go about shaving in a green/cruelty-free way. I am sure there are other ways, but I have yet to find those as it has taken me this long just to know about the three I am sharing with you today.


One: Shaving Cream

To be honest, I have never tried any green or cruelty-free shaving cream. But the brands that do carry shaving creams such as this are: Alba Botanica, Kiss My Face, and Avalon Organics. Lush carries a body wash that is commonly used as a shaving cream as well called “Turkish Delight” however it is quite spendy.

You’re probably wondering why I have not tried any of these, and there are a couple of reasons. For one, neither my local Walmart or Walgreens carries these shave creams, not a single one! Because of this, I don’t bother trying to get them shipped to me because I have already found a different green/cruelty-free way of shaving where I don’t have to pay shipping fees and go through all the hassle.

Secondly, I have some German in me and because of that, I grow very very dark hair on my legs. This equals to me having to shave sometimes twice a day in the spring and summertime which would equal to me having to order one of the above shaving creams online very regularly and also have to pay the shipping fees quite often, and to me that is a bit much.

However, if you live in a more populated area that sells some of these shave creams, give it a shot! I have heard good things about every single one of the above creams and would probably try the Alba Botanica first if I could.

Two: Coconut Oil 

I always keep a tub of Shea Moisture Coconut Oil in our bathroom because it is probably the most nourishing product out there.

Recently I read about scooping some out and using it as a shaving oil and was instantly interested, I had already shaved for the day but decided to try it the following day.

Now I really loved how it worked as a shaving oil not to mention how incredibly soft it left my skin and body, but I had one giant problem with it: it left the tub extremely slippery. After using it I noticed how slippery it was because I actually started to fall getting out of the shower and almost missed the bar on the side of the tub which I was able to grab hold of.

It also took a couple days for the leftover oils to wash out of the tub, and on the second day, my husband actually slipped a little, so the oils definitely have staying power. It is finally washed out of the tub now and I am extremely sad that it ended up not working out.

So yes this does work, it works beautifully, but it also can be a slipping hazard!

Three: The Bar Of Soap

I’m pretty sure the first time I ever shaved I did this old but good trick, and as of right now, it’s what I have resorted back too!

I like this because I know the bar soap I get it green and cruelty-free, it costs next to nothing, and actually gives me a great shave! From what I have researched and read these three methods seem to be the top green beauty shaving methods.

This third method is what fits me the best though you may do well with one of the other options, I think it just depends on you as a person and also your location.

Some soaps lather up well for bar soap shaving while others do not. You also need to make sure you are using a hydrating bar of soap as well that it not so drying on the skin, I have found this hydration in Moon Organics soap (bought at the Pike Market in Seattle, WA.) and in Yardley London soap which you can easily find at Walmart.

Another great option is handmade goats milk bar soaps that you can buy from holiday markets and some art shops or from a local farm. These work very well, most of the time, and you are supporting your local agriculture.

That is all I have to share on green/cruelty-free shaving methods! I wish I had more to share but honestly, that seems to be the top ways that are available at this time, but hopefully in the future, that market will grow!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below or contact me directly!

XOXO – Autumn Renae 


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