Discovering Inner Beauty


Today I want to talk to you about beauty, but this time, it won’t be a green alternative or a new skincare review. I’m going to be talking about inner beauty, the beauty from deep down inside you that makes you shine.

For a lot of women, our main focus is the physical beauty that God uniquely gave each one of us. We scour the makeup counters in hopes of achieving a more radiant face, we take extra care of our hair to make sure it is silky smooth, and we sometimes even go to the length of wearing fake eyelashes and hair – trying to create a perfect outside appearance.

There is a lot of pressure to look as close to perfect as we can get on the outside from magazine covers to Instagram feeds. This includes our face, our weight and even the clothes we wear.

I don’t think it is wrong to want to look nice and to take care of ourselves, both are important, but sometimes we can also go too far and it starts to have a negative impact on us.

The same is true with our inner beauty, however, this kind of beauty normally gets forgotten and put to the side. You rarely hear about someone’s inner beauty in the tabloids today or even in your own circle because there is not a lot of it to be seen.

We should put just as much work into our inner beauty as we do our outward appearance, and by all the work women generally put into that I know that if we as women did that the world would be a much better place.

But how do we discover our inner beauty or work on it?

First off, inner beauty comes from the Lord. A woman that is close to Christ and rests in Him will be a much happier, peaceful woman, and that will help her inner beauty shine much brighter than if she was not!

It is so easy to worry constantly about things we face today, and when we try to carry it ourselves instead of giving it to God and continuing to focus on being happy, our inner beauty starts to dim. It also dims when we become green with envy, bitter, gossip or worry too much about what someone else is doing.

Our inner beauty is grown when we stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking more about others. It grows when we help someone in need, try to be more optimistic, grow closer to Christ and help grow up other women around us instead of tearing them down.

Inner beauty has more than a few attributes:

  • Calmness
  • Patience
  • Gentleness
  • Kindness
  • Optimism
  • Sweetness
  • Grace
  • Contentment


Each one of these are keys to inner beauty while being close to Christ is number one, and the rest of these follow. It is also important to see that we need Christ to learn and practice these attributes in our lives.

Some of the most beautiful people in the world are the ones who, by the world’s standards, are the plainest on the outside but shine so brightly from the inside they are truly exquisite!

That is why when I see an elderly person’s hands and wrinkles, I see beauty and wisdom because they have been through a lifetime of learning and struggle.

Inner beauty is not easily grown because all the attributes, especially growing closer to Christ, takes a lot of work. Most of these are also a daily struggle and something that is always being tested making it even harder to grow in this very needed way.

When we stop for a moment and take a closer look at what real beauty is we will see that it is the beauty of the heart, little moments and the relationships we were in that are truly beautiful.

Someday when our time on earth runs out, it won’t be our physical beauty that leaves a lasting impression, but our souls. That is where the inner beauty comes into play.

So what about you, friend? How is your inner beauty right now? I hope that if your inner beauty is not where you would like it to be right now that you will start working on it, and while you are, remember that Christ is at the center of everything.

Inner beauty makes a person beam everyday with joy, I think it is time we lived like that, too.


XOXO – Autumn Renae




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