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Hello, Loves!

Beings that we are officially in the beautiful fall season now, I thought I would share some of my favorite fall hairstyles with you.

I don’t know about you, but I have always loved to look at different hairstyles! Now that is not to say I have tried a lot of them, but I do enjoy getting new fresh ideas, it’s nice to attemtpt one of them every once in a while!

When I was younger I did ballet for many years, and as you may know that while in the dance studio we were required to sport the traditional tight bun. The years following my ballet carrer it seemed the only bun I could do was this severe, tight bun that left my head numb by the end of the day.

A lot of you that know me personally have known me to have had three hair lengths; past my butt (for almost all my childhood years), short to my shoulders (I donated my hair to Locks of Love for children with cancer when I was a teenager) and it’s current length now which is long but seems to be a popular length, and I currently have my hair layered as well.

Now through all this I have been able to experiment with many different hairstyles, which I am thankful for. My favorite length would have to be the way it is now because I feel that it suits me best, personally, especially with the layers in it and it is a easy length to style!

To get back to the point, it wasn’t until this year that I learned to do one of those seemingly perfect messy buns after about two years of constant practice! Which leads us to the first of my favorite fall hairstyles!


The Messy Bun

Messy buns. You see them everywhere nowadays from runways to stay-at-home moms rocking it in the kitchen, and do you know why? I think because of it’s versatility!

With a messy bun you can practically go from housework to girls night out, a date, or to church – the sky is the limit! It seems to go with every stink’n outfit no matter what the style or season, which makes it useful for year round wear.


messy bun



While I haven’t fully mastered the tousled look yet, I hope to before the year comes to an end because this truly is a useful and easy hairsyle to pull off!

This is probably my staple for fall, but I have a few more to show you that I either wear now or hope to learn.



Classic Three Strand 

The classic three strand braid always stays as a top favorite of mine because this braid is for more than just toddlers and tweens!

I like to braid my hair after a shower and sleep with it like that for the following day, as it gives me beachy waves that I can then freeze in place with hairspray, but sometimes I also keep it like that for the following day as-is.

Normally I don’t just braid it and leave it in the back anymore and instead wrap it around my shoulder and then carefully “pull” at each braid part to create a big, soft braid over my shoulder.




classic three strand over shoulder


I’ve started going to this hairstyle a lot recently, however my only problem with it is that after a couple hours of wear the hair against my neck starts getting buggy and I usually take it down! I would say that for me this hairstyle is a good one for a date with my man, an special outing and church but not for an all day affair.

If you haven’t tried this adult version of the classic three braid I encourage you to try this look out – it’s easy to do, looks amazing and creates a soft look.


Down & Wavy 

Possibly one of the easist hairstyles to accomplish! I would say that when I am in a rush and want at least a half put together hairstyle, this is usually it!

You can accomplish this soft, wavy look multiple different ways but how I style this normally is either by sleeping in wet braids after a bath the night before (and then spraying with hairspray the next morning) or by usuing hot rollers that morning and letting them sit in there for a long while before I follow up with hairspray.

Now that I have layers in my hair it holds a curl a bit better than before, but I still have to use a good hairspray to holld it in place.


long and wavy



This has become a favorite of mine over the last two years, and I absolutely love this hairstyle in the fall under a felted or wool hat. This is another one of those hairstyles that is completely versitle to the seasons but looks amazing in the fall time!



Low Bun with Side Braid 

This is a hairstyle that I have been trying to master for the last year or so, and the problem isn’t doing it right, but rather making it appear soft and feminine instead of severe.

I’ve done this hairstyle for a few dates and church, but have yet to manage it where it is delicate looking. As far as the hairsysle itself it is very easy – take a section from the side and braid it across, make a low bun that touches around the bade of your neck, and then finish wrapping the braid around it attaching the end at the bottom of the braid.


low bun with side braid



Now truthfully braiding across is not easy for me as of yet, but I really hope that someday I can manage this hairstyle! I think it’s one of those “every season” hairstyles but to me it looks particually fall-like.

I think with a little more practice I’ll have it down pat, but if you are already a pro at braiding across and low buns, this is a shoo in for you!


Ponytail with Natural Band 

I’m pretty sure I first tried this style in middle school, and it’s very easy to do, especially if you have a few short layers in the back of your hair. This look can be dressed up or down, and I wear it most in the fall time!

This pony is uasually set pretty high up, and has your natural hair covering up the band.

high pony with natural band 



This picture has one with a bumped ponytail which looks great, however most of the time when I do mine I dont have the time to pull it off with the bump.

It’s good for every day, just the dressed up version of the childhood classic!



Classic Low Bun

I love a low bun with a feminine cross braid like I showed you a couple ideas back, but I still love the classic low bun and it’s simplicity!

Sometimes this one is like slipping into a favorite cozy sweater – it’s always comfortable, and always ready to go in a pinch! Actually, I love wearing this hairstyle with a cozy sweater in the fall because it’s quick to do and looks very soft and pretty.

soft low bun



This I can actually tousle pretty well, giving it the softer look you see above, in little to no time at all!

A fall favorite of mine easy to style and always worn at least a dozen times in a cozy sweater, with hot chocolate or hot tea near a burning fire.


The Dutch Pony 

This ponytail always makes me think of a dutch braid, for some weird reason!

To pull off this hairstyle all you do is pull your hair back in a semi-low ponytail, part your hair in the middle just above the top of the band and pull the long part of your hair up and over ending up on the other side.


the dutch pony 



Super simple and very quick, I like how this looks extremely classy but is almost zero-fuss while styling. I’ve been doing this for years and have even worn it to a few weddings and such because it is very versitile.

It also looks like a very complicated style while being very easy, which I love!



Last but not least is the topknot! I’ll be honest, I don’t wear this hairstyle a lot as my hair is thick and heavy which over the course of a couple hours makes my topknot a lowbun, but I do really like this hairstyle – especially for fall!

It is just like a messy bun or regular bun, but sits pretty much on the very top of your head! There are quite a few varitations of this but the picture below is one of the softer, more romantic styles and is a bit easier to pull off. It’s also more forgiving.

topknot splendor 



This is a lovely style that I wear in the fall and winter a lot, and works well if you have whisps or a few short layers to give you a good softly-tousled look like the picture.

I am pretty limited to this hairstyle during the fall and winter months as my heair is very heavy, the humidity of the South tends to drag it down in spring and summmer, making it (after a few hours) either look like a train wreck or a very messy low bun.

As you might guess, I prefer my topknot to stay just that – a classy topknot!


So dearies, which is your favorite haitsyle? Have you picked out one you might be trying yourself this fall? I sure hope so, as these are my absolute favorites for fall!


I hope everyone is having a fantastic fall so far!


XOXO – Autumn Renae 


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