Decorating Our Breakfast Nook For Fall

Hello, Lovelies!

Today I have a post that involves how I decorated our breakfast nook for fall! I don’t think I’ve ever done a post that specifically involved transitioning a personal space for a season, so this will be a fun post as it’s the very first of it’s kind.

Our breakfast nook features a solid walnut table with matching chairs and matching china hutch that belonged to my daddy’s parents and was a gift to them at their wedding.  It’s a special set because of this, and once stood in my grandparent’s formal dining room, in which we mostly ate at on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The darker pie chest in the background in some of the photos below was once my daddy’s grandmother, making it my great-grandmothers. It may be even older and belonged to someone in the family before then but I am not sure.

Decorating for the seasons is something I enjoy, but something I do not go crazy over, as I think that simple decorating speaks volumes. In other words, less is more.

Now that we are finally in fall proper I decided it was time to start decorating little bits at a time, and I started with the breakfast nook because it is attached to the kitchen, which I firmly believe is the heart of the home!




I picked out a checkered tablecloth that has hues of orange, cream, celery, red, cream and cranberry. This seemed very classic to me and the perfect mix of color while still being more neutral, which means that it less likely to clash with dishes and other colors that I may bring out.


Fall Table 5.jpg


The fabric is a medium cotton and seems to be the perfect thickness, it gives such a cozy feel to the room!


Fall Table 6.jpg


Once placed on my grandparent’s table it seemed to warm the little nook up in an instant, I love the colors and how well they play off of the walnut of the chairs and china hutch and even the dark wood of the pie chest.


Fall Table 7.jpg


Next, I introduced this large painted platter with a gorgeous fall-like floral motif painted on the edges. Instead of clashing with the plaid it made it even chicer.


Fall Table 8.jpg


I love all the warm colors, they just declare fall time! I cannot wait until this platter full of delicious food for Thanksgiving or other events.


Fall Table 10.jpg


I used to dream about decorating my home for the different seasons, especially fall, growing up. It seems like a dream to finally be able to do this now that I am married and have a house of my own.


Fall Table 11.jpg


A final little touch I added was a few cinnamon sticks from last year that I saved, just to add a nice fall-like scent to the area. I love the scent of cinnamon sticks and generally leave them out from the beginning of fall to the first of the year, I just love them that much!

So, friends, that is the only area of our home that I have decorated for fall as of yet but I am excited to add some fall touches to some other areas as well! Hopefully, I can share a few other decorated areas as well, I know I love seeing other people’s decorated homes, I am sure that some of you do as well.

That is my post for today, please comment below if you enjoyed this post and want to see more of my decorating journey in our little home! I love to share it with you.

Happy decorating!

XOXO – Autumn Renae













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