Everyday Routines That Uplift

Hello, friends!

Sometimes the everyday routines we fall into can become stale and boring, can’t they? That is why vacations are so perfect – they let us relax and explore something different, spicing up our routines and changing them for a couple days.

Being newly married life has a tiny bit more normalizing to do, but even now I have discovered a few routines every day that brings a smile to my face and keeps me in an uplifted mood!

Now there are a few days of the week where I can’t do a couple of these but for the most part, these are my go-to ways to keep each day fresh and happy.

One: Let The Light In

When Samuel and I were discussing what we wanted in a home, we both agreed that we wanted windows. Lots of windows. Big windows.

I adore natural light and always have, it is beautiful and can help you in so many different ways. Even our master closet has a big full window!

So, every day I go around the house and open all the blinds – everywhere! Usually, this happens when my Hubby is leaving for work, so each morning the house glows orange when the sun is coming up.

It’s breathtaking and a reminder of how amazing God is, I love this part of my morning as it prepares me for the rest of the day. It is rejuvenating.


Two: Break The Silence 

I was always one of those people who wanted silence in the house while I was waking up, it helped me focus on planning the rest of my day.

But within the last year or two, I have slowly changed my mind on that.

After a while, I found that calming music such as this calming music on YouTube helps me more than a quiet morning ever did! It is just simple ocean wave sounds and calming guitar music, but it really helps brighten my morning and I turn it on even if it is a rushed morning.

I found that the house being completely quiet in the morning actually started making me stress much sooner about the day or what needed to be done, and after I switched to listening to the above link, my mornings started to be much calmer and I was able to focus better.

Three: Time With Him

Every morning, no matter how rushed, I take the time to pray. It is a time where it is just Him and me, usually near one of the windows where the sunlight is streaming in, with the music softly playing.

Whether it is a longer period of time or a shorter one, I always feel so uplifted afterwards, it is a special time during my day that I take special care of. Nothing gets in its way even if I am rushed that morning, it always gets done.

Sometimes I will read a scripture as well, or sometimes that waits until the evening time, but prayer and talking to Him always happens.

Four: Having A Pre-Planned Day

Calendars are a girl’s best friend and make life a lot easier, I’ve learned, and getting up with a plan already in mind takes a big load off your mind, to say the least!

Usually, I already know about the day-to-day plans for the week so I mostly use this for planning my workday or work related things.

Working from home and for yourself is pretty good, but you have to learn at the end of the day to shut the door to your workspace and focus on your Hubby or family, learning how to separate the two can be difficult and something you need to learn right away!

A pre-planned work day will save you stress and time, and you can already have what you need our for your projects of business meetings.

Five: Nesting 

I haven’t met a woman yet that doesn’t like to nest! True, some like it more than others, but at some point, every female has nested and made a space a home.

When I was in high school I remember nesting in my room, and almost every weekend I would either completely re-arrange my room or add something new to it, that room was ever changing and always evolving into something different!

Now that I have a whole house to nest in let’s just say I haven’t gotten any better – I’m always bringing something new in or re-arranging a room to make it fresh. Lately, the Hub’s and I have been busy with vacations and work related things to really do anything big but I hope to start back soon.

Being newly married and having a new house, it will take some time to really give our home that lived-in feel but I know with time it will be beautiful.

Nesting is so uplifting and is also very personal, I love it.

Six: The Daily Cup Of Joe

Another uplifting routine is drinking your favorite drink in the morning, for me, this happens to be hot tea with a dash of local organic honey!

For some, this may be a cup of coffee or some Starbucks, but I have found that starting or ending your day this way can be very uplifting. Usually, I will drink a spot of hot tea in the morning and also at night, right before bed.

I mostly do this for the health benefits of hot tea and honey, but it is something I enjoy and after you add some soft morning light or lit candles in the evening, it is very rejuvenating!

Seven: Jotting Thankfulness & The Day

I have a small little notebook on my bedside table and every morning before I get up I jot down a couple things I’m thankful for and also what I aspire my day to be, and when I lay down for the night, I jot a few lines about how my day went and good things that happened.

This is something fairly recent that I have picked up, but it is very beneficial and after a few days of writing is very interesting!

The things you jot down, morning or night, don’t have to be long at all – just a line or two to remind you of your day or anything you want to remember.

Almost like a journal, this takes some time to get into a solid habit of doing but I think in the long run this will be something very good! I tend to only jot down the positive things, which it what makes this so uplifting to do and then look back on.

Eight: Just Be

Every day, I try to take some time to just be in the present. Sometimes I find this outside on the porch watching a beautiful sunset or standing at the window as I wait for the Hubby to come home.

It is a few minutes taken from my day to just be in the moment, not worrying about anything, not stressing, not thinking about what I still have to do. Just being.

This isn’t always a very easy thing to do, but it is very uplifting and a time to also hear God’s voice speaking to you.

Nine: Something Special 

Growing up, I was always doing something special for my parents or a friend. Whether this was drawing a picture, writing a note or simply spending some time with someone that needed to know somebody cared.

Now, this often means sending a note in Samuels lunchbox or driving all the way to his work and surprising him, DQ Blizzard in hand!

It brings me much joy to be able to make someone’s day or surprise my love at work, this encourages and uplifts both of us, and is extremely special.

Ten: Ending The Day Peacefully 

I’ve learned that the end of one day most often has an effect on the next one, and so I try to end the day peacefully. For me, this means staying positive and winding down without watching the news or dwelling on something negative that is only going to weigh me down.

Ending a day on a good note is one of the best pieces of advice I can give you about uplifting routines, and it an awesome way to prepare for the day ahead.

So there you have it, a few good routines that you can practice every day to uplift and keep your soul happy!

We live in a time where it can be difficult to find the beautiful things in life and where it is so easy to become burdened with everything around us, but the truth is, we are the ones who have to make little changes in our lives to change that.

The world is not going to change unless someone makes a change in their own life and starts living with purpose, and making habits that help keep you uplifted is a great place to start.

We hear that quote “be the change” so much, but the truth is we have to do something about it. We have to make a move.

Why not you? Why not today? Even if it just implementing one of these routines and after a while adding on from there, start something today!

I hope this post has helped you in some way and even given you a few new things to try, for some reason over the last few days I have felt urged to write this and have even trashed the blog post that was scheduled to go live today.

I believe God did that for a reason. Was it you?

XOXO – Autumn Renae 



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