DIY Pumpkin/Succulent Decor


Today I will be sharing a recent DIY project that was sparked by a photo on Pinterest, which is usually where I get many of my crafting ideas from!

As I was scrolling through Pinterest last week I stumbled on a picture of a white pumpkin stuffed with beautiful living succulents, and it caught my attention immediately. I liked this idea for many reasons but my main two were 1) it was different and a little quirky and 2) it brought greenery into a living space.

My mind began to work, wondering how I could replicate this some way. I knew that I didn’t want to use a live pumpkin like in the picture because once I make a craft and put loads of time into it, I want to bring it out year after year. That meant using a faux white pumpkin and faux succulents would have to be used, which I was fine with because Hobby Lobby has gorgeous faux replicas of both, and they look genuinely real!

I found one of these beautiful decor pieces ready-made at a local boutique but didn’t want to pay close to seventy dollars for it, and I really wanted to do this project completely DIY. Around this time I also decided I wanted to put the beautiful finished product on a cake stand, and set in on our kitchen island!

With high hopes for this project and several different Google images saved to my camera roll on my phone I made my way to Hobby Lobby and took some time to look at each white faux pumpkin. To my surprise, there were not many faux white pumpkins that were hollow on the inside or ones that could be hollowed out.

This put a slight damper on my search until, from the corner of my eye, I spotted something white waaaaaay back behind tons of orange faux pumpkins. Calling for help to get it down the store assistant handed me a perfect little white faux pumpkin!

Smiling as I held it up, I knew this was the one that would be coming home with me. I guess it is a feeling much like when you go to an actual pumpkin patch at the farmers market and finally find the perfect pumpkin!

After finding the succulents that I liked the best me, the pumpkin and the succulents (along with some cone-shaped florist foam) started to make our way back home. It was later in the evening when I actually got back and I was doing last minute prep for an upcoming convention so the project got put on hold for an extra day before I could start on it.


Pumpkin 1.jpg


The white faux pumpkin, as you see here, is less of the traditional round shaped and a bit more flat on the bottom. I thought this would work well, considering the fact I decided to put this beautiful little DIY atop a cake stand!

Ever since I was younger I had always wanted a big kitchen island whenever I got married, and now that Samuel and I were blessed with exactly that, I have the hardest time figuring out how to decorate it! (Luckily, I was very pleased with this craft and the cake stand, so it’s all good!)


Pumpkin 2.jpg


Above is a picture of all the items bought to make this DIY craft, and while it looks like a fairly simple setup, this baby did take a bit of time to make!

I believe that crafts and DIY projects should be from the heart and fun, and so to keep it from getting too overwhelming I split this particular project up and worked for a full hour before taking a break, and then finished it up in another thirty minutes.


Pumpkin 3.jpg


The faux succulents I chose varied from dark plum to pastel green and a bit of a reddish color, having in mind the rest of the kitchen/breakfast nook/dining room fall decor that was already in place.

I also added two sprigs of green ivy-like tendrils, to give the finished pumpkin some added depth.


Pumpkin 4.jpg




This is the florist foam that went along with this project, I would recommend either using the same cone-like florist foam or something to keep the faux succulents attached inside the pumpkin.


Pumpkin 5.jpg


To make sure I had the circumference of the florist foam correct, I pulled off the faux top vine of the pumpkin and placed the wide part of the foam on the top and then traced with the sharpie I had gotten out. This ensured that my hole for the foam was not too narrow or too big, which would have made it difficult to secure the foam in place.


Pumpkin 6.jpg


A close-up of the traced florist foam. I would have to say this and hollowing out the pumpkin was the hardest part of the DIY, because I was trying to be as accurate as possible to avoid any mess-ups.


Pumpkin 9.jpg


After fitting the foam into the hollowed-out pumpkin, I filled any leftover cracks with the leftover foam that I had cut into little chunks. This just helped fill any gaping sides and also made the foam more stable,if you leave them there odds are when you go to start arranging the foam will start to crack and you will loose all the support underneath!


Pumpkin 11.jpg


Once this was finished I added some delicate teardrop vines and the biggest faux succulents I had, making sure to push each bottom as far as it could go down into the foam. You could glue the ends in place as well, to make sure your craft stays in good shape year after year!


Pumpkin 12.jpg


The next step was to add the “fillers” which were small faux succulents in an array of plum, green and cream hues.

This project was very fun to get started on and took very little time to accomplish, and I am very proud of how my white pumpkin and succulent decor turned out! It is very gratifying to see something while out and about and then make it yourself at home, most of the time making it better and more personalized. I think this is one of my favorite things about crafting!






The finished product was more beautiful than I could have ever thought! I love the colors and the touch it adds to the kitchen, it also brings texture into the room and with it sitting on a cake stand will also add height.

I cannot wait to pull this out year after year now, it is so pretty and is as dainty as it is country. I strive to make this house more of a home with each passing day and little touches here and there, though I know that just like any other newly married couple with a brand new home, giving it that lived-in feel will take time.

This being our first fall season married, though, I think everything is going well and I absolutely adore nesting in our home!

I hope this DIY is one you will try yourself and pull out for years to come!

Happy crafting!

XOXO – Autumn Renae

















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