Fall Wardrobe Edit {pt.1}

Hello, Loves!

Every fall season I get excited for a number of different things (I listed 15 of those in this post!) but I especially get excited about my fall wardrobe!

I really think that fall is my favorite season as far as creating a wardrobe is concerned, the textures and colors are just perfect, and the styles are so classic. Each year I add a few new items that are purchased from places like my favorite thrift store all the way to Macy’s department store!

This post includes a couple cardigans, shoes, a cozy scarf and a little crossbody bag that are new to the wardrobe this year! I tried to focus on adding colors and textures that haven’t made it in my fall wardrobe in years past, just for a little change.



Boots 4.jpg



I hadn’t really decided to try the short boot trend and then was undecided so I tried on a pair but immediately didn’t like the feeling of something at my ankles, and abandoned the idea for about a month or so.

But then I saw a really cute pair, the Crown Vintage pair above, and decided to try once more – and this time, it felt right!



Boots 5.jpg



I really liked the color of these and liked how they were a chic suede, had subtle detailing and barely any heel to them. So far I think I’ve worn these at least four times, I’m hooked!



Shirt 1.jpg



This moss green cardigan came from Belks and I eyeballed it for about a month and a half before I finally brought it home, I really really really love this cardigan! It is so soft and has great movement, and I love the lace at the bottom which adds a feminine touch!



Boots 6.jpg



After falling in love with the suede boots above, I also ended up bringing these short Unisa boots home as well. At first, they were a bit stiff but after wearing them a couple times they are broken in now and feel great!



Boots 2.jpg



I had used the same Unisa tall leather boots for about four years and when I brought them out earlier in September (when I bring out all the things to do with fall) I noticed the bottoms were coming apart, the leather was cracked and faded and the straps were almost worn off! That being said, I quickly found this pair which I absolutely adore!

They are a beautiful shade of gray-brown and brown and are very feminine, there were very few of these left by the time I found them so I quickly snatched up my size! They are very comfortable and I cannot even tell that they have a slight heel, because they are very cushioned at the sole.







I love a lot of things about this suede saddle bag! The herringbone stitching and tassels add subtle details and go with every fall outfit which is awesome, and being that is a medium-sized bag it fits just the essentials so that I  don’t have the option to over pack it with things I don’t need!






This sweater is so, so beautiful and even has a chiffon hem! It is a very lightweight sweater which is good for the mild Southern temperatures we always seem to have.

I like that it is special as in appearance because I don’t have anything else that resembles it really, so this piece really adds some texture!






These mary-jane like shoes from b.o.c are simply adorable! I have been getting shoes from b.o.c for a while now, I simply love the quality in their shoes and you can tell because not only do they last a long time, they are always ridiculously comfortable and the leather and detailing are impeccable.






I brought this bright cardigan home from Macy’s during a big sale they were having, and I am so glad I picked this piece! Because of the color, I thought it would be perfect for gray rainy days where a little pop of color is in order.

This cardigan is by Anne Klien and has the simple, minimalistic features that AK normally has and being that this sweater is a bit thick I probably will not be able to wear it until the temperature changes into real fall weather!






Also from a big Macy’s sale, this Alfani cardigan is lightweight and in a gorgeous shade of taupe, perfect for layering in my opinion!

It is very soft, not to mention cozy, and I actually wore this yesterday and fell even more in love with it! It is perfect for the crazy Southern temperatures as you can easily layer.



Shoe 1.jpg



These shoes are also by b.o.c and are insanely comfy with tastefully tooled leather on the outside, and has a lot of cushion in the sole. I really like these shoes and have worn them a couple times already, I haven’t owned slip on’s like these for a little while and am glad that I was able to get these!



Shirt 9.jpg



This button up shirt is a favorite of mine because I love everything about it, from the perfectly faded wash to the elegant embroidery on the shoulders and front! I have worn this once so far and love how it fits, I know this is going to be a favorite this season.



Scarf 2.jpg



The last piece I have to show you in this fall wardrobe edit is this perfectly cozy, insanely soft scarf!  This beauty has all the wonderful colors of fall, all in a snuggly scarf that is lightweight enough to wear now and thick enough to wear when it gets colder.


I really hope you all enjoyed my fall wardrobe edit! There is more I may show you later, but today I just wanted to show you a few staples in my closet this year that are both versatile and also different than things I have had in the past.

What are some of your favorite  wardrobe items this year for fall? Do you have a color scheme of neutrals or do you have lots of orange and brown? What makes you excited about fall?

Please share your comments below!


XOXO – Autumn Renae 





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