Rainy Day Favorites

Hello, Loves!

You may have noticed that a post did not go up on Wednesday, and because of that, I am posting this in honor of the missed day!

The reason it did not get posted was because the WordPress site was “under construction” for glitches that were being reported and us bloggers were told that it would not get in the way of posting and working on our sites, but as you could tell it did mess with mine and I am sure other sites as well.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, today I’m going to be doing a post about some of my favorite things to do on a rainy day! Most rainy days for me I try to make at home because I don’t like driving in hard rain and it gives me some chill time, which is always better in your own space.

Let me tell you a little secret: I love chilly, wet, rainy days! Love them!

They are some of my favorite, especially in fall and winter months! To me, it just means cuddly blankets, hot tea, soft music, candles, movies, soup and some good book reading. If the Hubs and I had a fireplace I’m sure I would probably light a cozy fire, too.

Now that I have a blog and good readership, most rainy days also equal editing future posts and photographs or connecting with fellow bloggers and this takes a good chunk of time. If it is a weekday, I carry on with my normal studio work paying attention to orders from clients or I’m actually in the nitty-gritty of creating.

I’ll also finish my normal housework and get things like laundry and such done, but if it is the weekend, like today, the rainy days I love are even better!

Weekends are way more relaxed for the Hub’s and I and we will normally work on some project together, but before he gets home is my quiet time on weekends. When it is rainy and chilly like today I’ll normally pull out a favorite book, cuddle up in a blanket and drink some hot tea.

Currently, I’m reading two books that the Hubs gave me as gifts – “Remeber The Lilies” by Liz Tolsma and “The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson” which is put out by Barnes & Noble. They are both great reads and I am so glad that my man decided on these two books, he picks out books and readings so well!

Today I’m reading some of “Remeber The Lilies”, working on blog posts, editing, drinking hot tea and doing some meal planning all under the warmth of our cozy duvet cover while listening to the rain hit the windows.

I’m listening to this background music as I work and read, it’s one of my favorites and I listen to it as I get ready in the morning and also as I wind down in the evenings. Of course, I switch it up, but this is a recent favorite!

The front yard is already getting puddles from all the nonstop rain and I can’t help but remember the days when I would make mud pies and jump around in all the puddles in front of the old farmhouse where I grew up. I still like puddles and yes, sometimes I jump in one just to keep that fun little spark alive!

As far as the hot tea I am drinking today so far I’ve had some wonderful elderberry hot tea as well as some Matcha hot tea, and if you asked me to pick between the two I’m sure that both would be my favorite! I started my hot tea journey during the spring and have since tried many different hot teas with various health benefits and tastes, and it has been a journey that I honestly enjoy.

I’m thinking about writing a post about some of my favorite teas and the health benefit each one brings, as well as when I drink certain ones. Most of the time I have one in the early morning and then a final cup right before bed, and sometimes I have one during a hectic work day in the studio or while I’m editing as a pick-me-up.

Adeline is napping at the foot of our bed as I write this, she loves rainy days as well because she gets some extra snuggles and likes to root in the cozy blankets I bring out!

This evening I believe the Hubs and I will work on a project and I’ll probably plan this coming weeks meal plan, and one or both of us will be going to the grocery store for some items we need and maybe some hot chocolate. Saturdays are always a good day followed by Sunday, which is my favorite day of the week, and it being chilly and rainy on top of all that is making me even happier today!

Saturdays are always a good day followed by Sunday, which is my favorite day of the week, and it being chilly and rainy on top of all that is making me even happier today!

Tonight I think calls for a good hot dinner, maybe a movie and some time together – three things that everybody needs on a day like this! Be safe out in the rain, my friends, and have a good rest of your rainy day!

Do you have any rainy day favorites? Comment below!

XOXO – Autumn Renae 


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