October Goals {personal}

Hello, Everyone!

Every month I try to write down new goals – for my design business, for new house projects, and personally.

It’s a fun thing to do and only helps you out as a person because challenging ourselves only helps us live a fulfilled and good life! I’m not sure when I started to write down challenges for myself each month, at least seriously, but I think it was around eleventh grade or so.

Writing a goals list each month does not have to be long or complicated, it could even be just one thing, but I do think that as you go along you should add a thing or two just to help yourself grow as a person.

Usually, I have at least 5 things I want to do during a month on my personal goal list and for me, it is challenging but not to the point where it is a struggle and I start getting discouraged. Like everything else, you have to find the balance for your own life and work from there, for some people, this will be a list of one or two goals while veterans may have 5 or more. There is no shame with a lower number of goals.

October is going to be a somewhat busy month for our household but I’ve still put together a couple of personal goals for myself.


October Goals {personal}

  • Finish One Book. Those that follow me on social media know I’m currently working on two books that were gifts from my Hubs, and I hope that by the end of this month to have finished one of the two!


  • Make A Wall Collage. There is a small wall between the door to our master bedroom and our closet that would be just perfect for a collage of our favorite pictures from our wedding day, and I’d like to make that happen this month.


  • Get Better At Meal Planning. This is something I’m good at, but not great. Some weeks are very orderly in this area while other weeks it’s like a hurricane came through and completely dashed all the meal plans. Ugh.


  • Hone My Portrait Skills. Photography has been a love of mine since I was very young and I continue to love it! Child and family photography is always fun and still photography is always something that I enjoy doing with clients, and while I know portrait photography it is still something I hope to get even better at. I don’t post a lot of my photography but I hope to start doing this in the near future!


  • Make A Delicious Pecan Pie.really really really want to do this and I’m hoping to make this one into a blog post! It is the Hubs favorite pie and one of mine as well, and I think October is the perfect month to make a warm, sugary, pecan pie!


Making monthly goals for yourself and your business is ket to growing and learning which I think is important in this life, even after grade school and college studies each one of us still learns new things daily and it is important to help nurture that.

My personal goals deal with things like literature, learning organizatioal skills, a craft, and cooking. Having your goals vary in different areas are important, too, and keep your goals from getting boring where you are more likey to quit.

Some months I have had many more goals wether it be business wise or peronally, I try not to focus on the number of them but more on thier versatility and quality.

When I first started this, I’ll be the first to tell you that I was a little too ambitious! The second month I racked up about seven ideas and made them goals, but because I was just begnning it was too much and I became aggravated by it and ended up abandoning most of them.

Do any of you create monthly goals? If so, what are they?

Comment below and have a good day, my friends!


XOXO – Autumn Renae 








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