hello, world …

Hello, my friends.

You may have noticed that last week, nothing happened here on the blog.

I didn’t plan to not post anything, far from it actually – I have my posts planned through December, some of January even.

To be honest I just needed some time off, some time to just be still and think, some time to reflect, some time to think about this thing we call life. I needed to just be.

My husband, parents and I set off for the beach last week and there I found quiet refuge to sit and think, deeply, about what direction I wanted in life.

This came mostly as I sat on a pier over the ocean while my husband (and sometimes my dad) quietly fished. It was quiet, relaxing, peaceful.

At certain points in life, I think it is good to take a few days and just be – to really think about what you are doing, where you are going and what you want to accomplish. Especially when you are a younger adult like I am, with a whole life ahead of me and many things to see and do.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know that I posted about being real – that I’m tired of the filters, perfectly themed feeds and fake lives portrayed.

And that was the honest, 100%, pure truth. I want to be real with myself and everybody around me, and for those of you who have never met me personally and follow me, I want to be real with you too.

My life is more than just generic blog posts, nicely themed feeds and perfectly placed still photos.

There is more to me than just my design business and curated photos of the house my husband and I live in. I love lots of things, and some things I love are now becoming more of a once-loved thing.

I love agriculture, I love history, I love spinning wool, the process to make it yarn, the earth, my parent’s farm, and baking. I love learning about medicinal herbs, organic lifestyles, and minimalism.

And I’m writing this so that you, my friends, not only know that I am done with being a part of the curated and fake crowd but to also show you some of the other things I love, and so that you can keep me accountable!

So what exactly does this mean for the blog?

Well, for one, I will definitely be talking and sharing more of the other things that I love.

Future blog posts will also include more photos, things on my mind, changes in lifestyle, things I’m learning about, diary-type posts, things about myself I’m changing for the better, discussional pieces and more!

In other words, I will be blogging about my real life and things that are genuine to me instead of curated and cookie cutter posts that nearly half of the blogosphere repeatedly cycles with.

How does that sound, my friends?

I hope you enjoy this new, fresh take on my blog and I look forward to the new adventure ahead! My next post will be about certain changes I’m making in my life, new lifestyle goals, and more of what I want to shape my life to be like in this coming year we are about to celebrate.

Happy Wednesday, friends, and remember to take some time to “just be”!

XOXO – Autumn Renae 


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