Post-Thanksgiving Pictures

Hello, Lovelies!

I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving full of family, fun, and blessings!

Please excuse the streak of no posts here on the blog – my hubby and I had the fun experience of hosting our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife right here in our own home!

My family, my hubby’s family, and some close friends gathered here in our home to celebrate all the blessings God has given us and to catch up!

To some, this may not seem like something so big or something that would put blogging on the backburner for a week or so, but for the hubs and I it was special to us not only because it was our first Thanksgiving as a married couple but also the first Thanksgiving as the woman of my own home – and I needed to take some time to sit back and really plan, decorate and relish this sweet time!!

For me, getting the house ready started about two weeks beforehand because I worked in some deep cleaning + decorating around doctors appointments, day to day tasks and then different meetings and things for my design studio.

I started with creating a detailed to-do list of all I needed to do in the house plus a detailed list of food items and recipes – separating these two made it easier for me to focus on each task as I came to it and also made it seem more manageable instead of just creating a fifty-two thousand bullet point list and then having to stare at it in defeat!


Thanks. 1.1.jpg


The transparent, wooden beam table is a cherished wedding gift from my parents along with heirloom chairs that are being re-caned and updated.

We love our table and it perfectly seats ten guests which is perfect for our formal dining room and compliments the design of the rest of the house which I try to balance between elegant with rustic details and pops of color!


Thanks. 2.jpg


My daddy handmade the big 50″ nesting box out of antique reclaimed wooden posts and it sits perfectly in the middle of the table along the middle beam.

I then went outside and gathered fragrant herbs and greenery that I already knew we had and then brought them in and arranged them in the nesting box, adding five flameless candles in varied heights for some texture!

The harvest plaid cloth napkins I handmade heirloom-style and finished them up the day before! I chose bronze colored chargers to go under the white plates, which had a simple gold ring along the edge as I thought this would look nice.

For the silverware, I tied a fork and knife together with thin twine and placed on top!

The tall glasses had the same gold edges on them just like the plates did (the plates I had stacked on the kitchen island) and looked so amazing because they looked as if they were floating!


Thanks. 5.jpg


I revamped the coffee/hot tea (and now hot chocolate) bar by redoing the chalkboard so guests could easily see what drinks were available! It made it so much easier and because most everyone knew how to work the Keurig we have, they were able to easily make their yummy drinks in a snap along with filling their coffee with creamers and sugar which I had in a decorative holder nearby.




Our kitchen was a flurry of activity around 10:30, as the men were trying to finish up the turkeys! They ultimately decided to smoke one turkey and fry the other – both turned out wonderfully and the smoked turkey was a special treat.




The transparent table hosted it’s first big meal on Thanksgiving and held all twelve of us perfectly! It’s a statement piece all in itself and it was neat because it looked as if the chargers, plates, and glasses were floating in midair in a really pretty rustic way.

Of course, me being me I had to have some Christmas music playing in the background – mostly Kenny G and a New York Jazz Christmas!




I found this idea for a turkey-themed fruit tray off of Pinterest days before Thanksgiving and just had to try it out! It turned out good for the most part and the eyes, beak and feet of the turkey were easily drawn out with some paint though you could use drizzled chocolate if you had some!




Another thing I tried off of Pinterest were these cute pineapple-pecan cheese balls shaped like a pumpkin! The tops I used were off green peppers (which we were using for other recipes anyways) and they worked great!

I would caution you to be careful though when detaching the tops – they are somewhat fragile (surprisingly) and it wouldn’t take much to split them or break them in half.




Our breakfast nook table served as a second kitchen island! It perfectly held the appetizer trays, a couple leftover sides that wouldn’t fit on the kitchen island and some of the desserts.

Everything was delicious, and my husband made two trays of his famous deviled eggs!


Thanks. 11.jpg


I also made these mini round pumpkin pies and topped them with cream, cinnamon, and pecans! They were super easy to prepare and were yet again a find on Pinterest – and no I don’t live on Pinterest, I just find most of the amazing details for holidays and home decor on it!




I also made the hubs favorite pie for our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife – pecan pie!

This I made the morning of Thanksgiving because it took barely any time at all to prepare and cook, and turned out mighty delicious! We still have a few of the leftovers, too!

All in all our Thanksgiving went off without a hitch and we were surrounded by loved ones and good friends – what more could you ask for!?

How about your Thanksgiving?

What yummy recipes did you make or try? Did you have to travel a long way to celebrate? Did it snow where you were?

Comment below!


XOXO – Autumn 




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