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First off, I have a big announcement to make!  The blog will be undergoing renovation and construction now through Friday when I hope to re-launch it if everything goes correctly!  Because of this, Wednesday’s blog post is being posted tonight instead of tomorrow 🙂 I really hope that all my readers and subscribers enjoy the new professional design and find it interesting and intriguing! I have been wanting to upgrade my blog for the past few months and have been setting aside funds to do so – which makes it even more exciting! This being said, please enjoy the Unique Gift Guide 2016 post below and remember to comment! Can’t wait to reveal the blog my friends – stay tuned!

Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of December?! I’m completely blown away by this fact, this year has really and truly flown by!

Last year I did a gift guide for men (because ya know, even though our men are special they can be some of the hardest people to shop for!) and a lot of you liked it! It was a blast to put together, too.

That being said, this year I thought I would put together a gift guide of things that were unique and different to kind of widen the horizon as far as gift-giving goes!

Personally I’ve always been a fan of handmade gifts – from local art shops or the giver actually making them. It just means a lot to know that the special someone that you are getting a gift from took the time to either search for something special or made it themselves!

At the same time, though, I understand that a lot of folks either don’t enjoy crafting or have time to go from shop to shop in their art district and so I’ve decided to make this list of unique things.

I’ll warn you beforehand that some of these items may come from Etsy because it truly is one of the largest handmade platforms in the US. I’d also like to say that I was in no way, shape or form paid to promote the Etsy platform or the makers behind the items below!

This year (unlike last year) I’m going to list 5 gifts that are unique for children, ladies you know, and the men in your life. Let’s get started, shall we!?

For The Special Lady In Your Life 

Engraved Cutting Board 

This charming little cutting board if from Wood Present Studio on Etsy and retails starting at $20.00 for a 20×30 board! Even if the lady you know doesn’t necessarily cook a lot, it makes a beautiful art piece she can display on her kitchen counter. You can find this present by clicking here.


Jewelry Stand + Cloche 

This beautiful little jewelry stand makes a perfect gift for anybody that likes her jewelry to be statement pieces even when she’s not wearing them! This comes from World Market and is only 19.99, including the cute cloche covering.


Birchbox Subscription  

Birchbox is the leading monthly subscription box for women right now, and I’ve never tried it but it has rave reviews! A month – by – month subscription is only $10.00 making is easier for you to choose how long the recipient receives the box – unlike some services where you are locked in for a year. A yearly subscription to Birchbox is $110.


“One Thousand Gifts” by Ana Voskamp

I’ve heard amazing things about this book so much so that I’m thinking about purchasing it in the coming year for myself! A good book is always a thoughtful gift to give that special lady in your life because books are such a classic, timeless staple! I found that at Barnes & Noble it retails for $14.99.


Fluffy Whipped Soap 

I think nice bath products and women go hand in hand at times, don’t you? On Etsy, I found a shop named Elixirium that makes handmade and hand-whipped soaps in a variety of scents! Being a lavender kind of girl I found one in lavender that looks beautiful, and it is only $7.42! You can find this one and more by clicking here.


For The Speical Littles in Your Life 

“And Then…” Story Starter

If your little (or a little you know) loves storybooks and being imaginative then this is a unique book for them that will later on be a beloved keepsake! This storybook features different tales in which littles fill in the blanks or finish the stories written in this beautiful little book! It retails for $26.96 from CatchingFireFlies . You can find it here!


Pop Emz

Have a child that loves drawing on your windows? Now they can – and not get in trouble for it! Pop Emz are colorful rounds that easily stick to your windows without causing any harm to the window! I found them at Hearthsong for $19.98, you can view them by clicking  this link!


Build + Play Construction Fort 

I think the question here is who didn’t like making forts when they were a kid?! I remember building several a week growing up, and those are memories that last forever! I found this 77 piece set from STAGE for $29.99 and it looks really cool – with enough pieces to suffice for two littles to build at one time! You can find it here.


Letters To You

This beautiful, hardbound book features writing prompts to write a letter to your child for eighteen years, and I thought this was such a sweet little gift! It also has sections for you to write important things that happened in any given year along with anything else you want to remind them of later on! I found this sweet gift at The Land of Nod for 24.95. You can check it out by clicking this link.


Felt Woodland Animals & Acorn House 

This is an adorable little playset that your littles will play with now – but cherish in years to come! It includes a felted acorn house for fox, squirrel, rabbit, mouse, bluebird and raccoon! This is a beautiful way for your little to interpret their creativity which I found at Magic Cabin for $24.98, click here to take a look!


For That Special Man In Your Life 

Vintage Style Copper Coffee Grinder 

I found this beauty at World Market, and it is perfect for the coffee drinking man in your life that takes his coffee much more seriously! It’s one of those pieces that would even look great as a countertop accessory when not in use, too. It retails for $19.99 and you can find it here!


Wooden iPhone Docking Tray

This docking tray is simple and does its job without being a catch-all for various clutter! It has room for his iPhone only, leaving it accessible and clutter free for those men who tend to bury their phone and then can’t seem to find it! I found these on Etsy by Docksmith for $20.00 and honestly I don’t think this price can be beat – it’s hand carved and notched! You can view this item here.



Much like the man version of Birchbox (though Birchbox does have boxes for men available.) ManCrates features boxes specifically with men in mind and caters completely to their tastes! Whereas Birchbox is via subscription, ManCrates seems to be a single order gift which may work better for some. The “Exotic Jerkygram” box seems to be a favorite and retails for $39.99, which you can find here.



If your man doesn’t own tech gloves or wishes his favorite gloves were touch screen compatible then the drop solutions Nanotips may be just what he needs. Nanotips makes any gloves touchscreen gloves by using the dropper to apply the liquid straight to the tips you want it to be on! I’ve never tried it, but it seems pretty cool and is $14.95 for .27 fl. ounces. Click here to check it out!


Man Candles 

Yes, candles for men are actually a thing! The truth is that men appreciate candles just as much as we do – if the scents are right! I don’t know of any man that really relishes the scent of sweet pea or camellias so I’m glad that some poor soul created candles just for men. ManCans has scents ranging from Sawdust, Gun Powder, Cut Grass, Memphis Style BBQ and more and they typically run at the price of $9.50 each and are handcrafted soy based candles!


I hope you found this unique gift guide helpful, my friends! It took a lot of time and researching to compile this list but it was fun and even showed me a few gift ideas that I may try as well!

Have you ever been given a handmade, thoughtful or  unique gift before? If so, what was it?

XOXO – Autumn


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