Top 15 Things I Love About December

Hello, there!

Can you believe it?! We are once again in December!

I can remember last December beautifully – it was colder than normal, we had a few good snowfalls, the Hubs and I were engaged to be married in April, and everyone’s lives pretty much revolved around wedding planning with some Christmas on the side 😉

However this year also holds something new and exciting – it’s our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs.!

Even though it is less hectic than last year, spending our first Christmas together as a married couple is still full of sentiment and beauty.

That being said my list of why I absolutely adore December has grown even bigger! This beautiful month stands for many different things to many different people but will always be beautiful to me!

So let’s get started, shall we?!

Top 15 Reasons I Adore December

1 – The temperature is mostly cool by now, which is good for me because I love cold weather! Well, my knees don’t like it, but it makes for some cozy nights! 

2- Radio stations are now  blaring Christmas music far and wide. I’m a huge fan of Christmas music, admittedly, all year long but December really just puts the icing on the cake! 

3 – Southerners can now bring out the fluffy scarves, beautiful coats, mittens, and boots! 

4- The Nutcracker is now playing in many different cities! It’s my favorite play and I’ve seen it many times – sometimes even every year! When I was younger and in ballet I was in the Nutcracker myself – it remains one of my favorite memories. 

5- Houses decorated with Christmas lights! Growing up we really never went all-out with the outside decorations and that is still the case with my own home, but I do appreciate driving by all the beautifully lit houses at night!

6- Wrapping gifts! I’m one of those people who can sometimes strive for the Martha Stewart type of gift wrapping – and it’s so fun! 

7- The reason for the season! I love how for once, Jesus takes center stage and it celebrated and adored. While we should do this each and every day of the year, I appreciate the fact that we have an actual day we celebrate Him!

8- Christmas movies, of course! Who doesn’t like a good ole’ fashioned, corny Christmas movie?! My favorite Christmas movie is “The Christmas Card” followed by “Eloise At Christmastime” because they are both the best ever and have turned into yearly traditions for me!

9- The extra charities that come around. It’s always important to remember the ones less fortunate than you, and around December a lot of charities are more active in their giving and the people they reach. 

10 –  The hustle! Now, I know this may seem like an odd favorite thing but coming from a small town it’s exciting for me to take a day and go into the big cities and watch all the hustle and bustle going on! It really feeds the festive spirit! 

11- Decorating the house. I absolutely adore  decorating our house for each and every season, but especially the holidays! Plus being newlyweds I really enjoy being able to decorate our new home and host guests. 

12- Picking out a live Christmas tree! Now growing up we normally didn’t do this, but the Hubs and I are thinking about making this little treat a yearly tradition! I absolutely love the smell of a live Christmas tree, the process of selecting one and then bringing it home!

13- Doing something special for someone else. I try to do this in some sort of way a lot during the week, but Christmastime really shows me how very much people do need love and support. It’s important to lift somebody up, help them if you can, and brighten their day – especially now! 

14- The fact that the 12 Days of Christmas exist! In my house growing up, the 12 Days were very important and celebrated! Each day counting down there would be a poem and then a little gift to find – what fun! 

15- The snow, I couldn’t forget that! Of course, granted, North Carolina has very mild winters and gets more dangerous ice than snow any given year but hey, we can hope, can’t we?! 

So what about you friends? What are some of your top favorite things about December and all the joys of this season? Share them below and comment!

XOXO – Autumn



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11 thoughts on “Top 15 Things I Love About December

  1. This is a really great list! I also wish it snowed more in December but I guess that makes it all the more special when it actually does. I would add one more thing to the list: My birthday is in December so that’s definitely something I love 🙂 Thanks for sharing your list.

    NCsquared Life

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  2. Congrats on your first married Christmas!! I also love this time of year. So special (and it goes by so quickly, doesn’t it?!) I’m a huge fan of the Nutcracker as well…my favorite ballet of all time. My dancers are performing Nutcracker next week and it’s been such a treat to be in rehearsals again.


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