My Favorite Christmas Memory

Hello, everyone!

It’s hard to believe that we are now pretty much halfway through December, is it not?!

I won’t forget the first day of December this year because I was walking our dog, Addie, in capris and a short sleeve tee shirt! But, then again, Southern winters are generally mild as far as weather is concerned, so why am I surprised? 😉

The other day I was sitting on the couch reading with a yummy scented candle going, the Christmas tree shining and the living room mantle and TV console ablaze with all the twinkle lights and decor it’s now successfully decorated with, when for some reason I tried thinking about what my favorite Christmas memory was!

Being a big fan of Christmastime anyways, this is no small feat for me to try to decide!

That’s when I came to the conclusion that it was impossible for me to have just one, and that I have more like two or three.

To be honest, my childhood Christmases were magical – every. single. one. My parents and grandparents always made sure that each Christmas brought something new and fun and there were always different experiences to enjoy!

I think that is why I love the Nutcracker so much because my Pawpaw made sure to make it a tradition to go see it almost every year! Then one year I was actually in the Nutcracker and fell in love even more!

Even after his passing, I made sure to see it every year, though some years here and there I did go see a different play but have always made sure to not go more than two or three Christmases without seeing the Nutcracker.

And this year I am sooooo excited because I will be seeing this wonderful ballet production once more! It’s just something special I hold dear to my heart!

Another Christmas memory that really sticks out is the year I was given my horse babies as a Christmas present! I’ve always loved the equestrian field and spent the greater half (maybe 9 years?) of my childhood dedicated to horses and the world surrounding them!

At the time I had been helping care for two, in particular, Sandy and Boots, who belonged to some friends of ours at the time. Christmas morning like any other morning we drove over so that I could feed, water, and give them hay.

When I got into the stables and finally came out of the tack room a giant sign with the biggest, most beautiful sparkly red bows I had ever seen were tied with twine to their doors saying that they both now belonged to me! At first, I didn’t believe it, then I cried, and then I ran up to both Sandy and Boots and gave them a giant hug around the neck!

Sandy, unfortunately, is no longer with us as she passed away from age at the ripe old age of 32 but Boots is still just as spunky as the day I met her!

You may be wondering about Willy and Tigger, too! Willy was a birthday present and Tigger was a gift from my grandmother as she worked at the barn where Tigger was at and he was being retired so she brought him to me. 🙂

Another Christmas that stands out is the year that I got my doll, Samantha. I really, really, really wanted her from the catalog but knew she was more expensive than any other dolls I had gotten before.

I still asked for her, though, and much to my surprise Christmas day I opened this neatly wrapped box and there she was!

That’s actually the first big Christmas memory I can remember fully because I was very young when I got Samantha, but yet it remains one of the sweetest!

While I know that Boo and I’s first Christmas as husband and wife will be extremely special and one of the best memories I will carry with me, it hasn’t happened yet so I’d have to say that our first Christmas together was definitely magical! Plus, he got to have the experience of watching my two favorite Christmas movies – The Christmas Card and Eloise At Christmastime!

Okay, maybe he didn’t have to sit through them just once, maybe it was more like four times 😉

I cannot wait to see what the Christmases in the future hold – it’s one of my favorite times of the year! Christmas is always such a beautiful time es

Christmas is always such a beautiful time especially here in a small town! We have a small Christmas Parade, a Christmas Art Walk in the downtown art district and people are even nicer than normal – which is a hard feat because I can truly say that Southerners really do take their hospitality seriously!

Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?

Is there this particular childhood gift that really sticks out in your mind that you haven’t forgotten?

Comment below, my friends!

XOXO – Autumn 


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