2017 Goals

Hello, everyone!

Happy 2017 – a fresh start, a fresh page of a 365-day book that we each get the chance to write in every day!

Last year was a busy year for us: we were planning a wedding and everything that comes with it, getting our house built and everything that comes with that, had our honeymoon, went to Alaska + Canada, and then the rest of the year started to work on getting the house more like we wanted it and started settling into life as a newly married couple!

2017 is a year we hope will be full of big things and lots of new memories! It’s exciting to ring in the new year as husband and wife, and I can’t think of any other way I would like to celebrate the fresh start of a 365 day period. Let’s fill those 365 with lots of love and laughter, shall we?

Let’s fill those 365 with lots of love and laughter, shall we?

Of course, as a couple we have goals and we collectively have goals in how to help build up my family’s farm, but I also have some personal goals to share with you here on the blog myself!

Thankfully I met many of my goals from 2016, even around planning a wedding, but I noticed that most goals (at least the goals I wish to achieve) are ongoing or take a few years to really accomplish.

Instead of having resolutions, I prefer to have (attainable) goals and a motto or two for each new year. For me, at least, this keeps my head high and I think more about each day’s possibility – rather than anxiety about meeting a final end goal.

I have a lot of goals and some depend on myself working with others to accomplish them, as the majority relate to my family’s farm, but some are also personal goals that I felt I wanted to accomplish.

You’ve probably noticed if you follow me on Instagram that I’m finally relaxing and getting to where I am comfortable with who am, and not trying to put on a fake mask of other people’s lives that I appreciate.

I’m finding a new happiness and freedom in this, and hope that you will keep following along on the journey with me.

So, what are my 2017 goals? Let’s take a look!

  • Grow Closer To God.  This is really an ever-continued goal, and something I think that everyone should keep after.


  • Be A Better Wife. As someone just recently married, there is a lot to learn about supporting your spouse, especially as a wife. I love being a wife and I love what marriage is and means, and hope to keep learning in order to be the best wife I can possibly be!


  • Start Working On Farm Agenda. I haven’t actually shared the whole farm agenda publicly, but there is a lot to do in order to reach the ultimate goal. I’m hoping to have at least 50% of this established in the coming year, and hoping to have it mostly complete in 3 years or less.


  • Study/Pass My CCW. This is very important to me, and something I have waited for since about 14 years old.


  • Work On A Clean + Healthy Lifestyle. I started on this last year and was doing very, very well with this – but then all the temptations of being on a cruise ship hit and it just kinda tumbled outta control! Looking forward to really slaying it this year!


  • Build Up Physical Fitness. This goes right along with the goal above, and I was doing pretty good on this too until about mid-May of last year. This year, however, there is an awesome prize at the end that I hope to share more about with you in the future.


  • Create Good Usable Blog Posts. I really want this blogging platform to be somewhere that my readers + subscribers can learn important skills and just really feel at home at. This blog would be nothing without good, faithful readers like all of you and I want to be real and helpful in return!


  • Have My First Deer Mounted. Some of you may not know this, but I actually harvested my first deer this year. I feel very humbled at this experience, and also content that i know we have quality meat that it natural and clean to put in the freezer for later in the year.


  • Get Efficient With A Bow. I really, really enjoy archery. The bow itself can be such a complex tool, but target archery has always been something I enjoy! I’m looking forward to springtime (or a time when it’s not so blasted cold!) to get out my bow, arrows, and a target!


  • Start Journaling More. I used to journal a lot when I was younger, and it’s something I want to start doing again. I think you learn a lot about yourself when you document your daily life and feelings – and I believe that God can use this to show you things in your life as well.


  • Create Friendships. I think friendship, true friendship, is such a beautiful thing but at the same time one of the hardest things to find! In 2017 I hope that I personally can cultivate some good, quality friendships. I hope the same for us a couple, too.


  • Learn How To Can. I’ve wanted to learn to can for a while now, and with the family farm at the center of attention now, I can’t think of a better time to learn this art!


  • Write For A Magazine. I’ve submitted things for publication before but never gotten farther than the second interview. I hope to go all the way to third base this year!


  • Learn Herbal Medicine/Natural Health. I’m a firm believer that God put certain things on this earth naturally to help with illness and overall wellbeing. I would like to learn more about this, and maybe even help teach others as well.


  • Take A Minimalism Crash Course. Sometimes I think those that live with less really are the happiest! I would like to take a minimalism challenge (starting soon!) and see just how well it goes for me! I think we as people put too much emphasis on belongings and not enough on memories and relationships.


  • Get Organized! I started this around October, actually, and only have a few rooms left to really get organized and put together. 🙂


There you have it, my friends! My 2017 year goals in a nutshell!

I’m interested in what goals you may have for this fresh and exciting new year, if you feel inclined, comment below with just one or all your goals!

XOXO – Autumn Renae




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4 thoughts on “2017 Goals

  1. Great goals! I love making goals for a fresh year! This year we are focusing on more travel and purchasing our first home.
    xo, Lee


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