Are You Chasing Your Dreams?

Hello, Loves!

It’s still pretty snowy and icy here on the farm, but I don’t mind because there’s just something so magical about snowy woods and icy creeks to me!

2017 has barely taken off and I’m still so excited about this year has to offer, and I hope all of you are as well.

Do you remember being about ten years old or so, and having so many dreams and aspirations? Did you feel the same at sixteen and seventeen? Do you still feel the same way now, or have they disappeared with age and the responsibilities of being an adult?

Let me let you in on a little secret: dreams don’t work unless you do.

But maybe your career takes most of your time, maybe you can’t financially make your dream happen, maybe your children take up most of your “me” time or maybe it’s been so long since you visited your dream you just feel lost to it.

Can I tell you that none of these are validated reasons to not chase your dream?

It’s true that you may not be able to fully embrace your dream whatever it is because of money, time, or different career choice – but you can do something about it!

For instance, if your dream was to farm growing up but you live on only an acre or less in a subdivision you can still have some of your dream! I’m pretty sure you have a backyard or some green space somewhere. Why not build one or two raised beds, and plant some crops in them? Did you know that in most towns even if you live in a subdivision you can have a few chickens, you just need to see the regulations first?

If you dreamed of being a photographer, but you’re stuck in an office every day but on the weekends, save up for a camera. Learn your camera, take some classes if you can, and just get out and shoot. Try to sell them online, or offer to take pictures for friends and then give them the prints for free.

Maybe you wanted to be a veterinarian, but you couldn’t afford the tuition and just couldn’t go to school, why not volunteer at your local vet’s office? I know you’re not actually the veterinarian – but you would be doing something towards your dream!

Perhaps you wanted to teach dance and your parents didn’t support it or you didn’t get into schooling for it – go take serious classes. Do this for a few years, get good. After you’ve mastered it offer to be a substitute teacher or perhaps teach a few students of your own in someone else’s studio.

Were you the horse lover growing up, but lacked the funds to buy your own horse? If you still have this passion, there are a ton of opportunities out there for you! You can volunteer at a local stable in hippotherapy, be a weekend stablehand or groomer, or work at a rescue sometimes. You may or may not get compensated for your time, but you’ll surely gain some good life lessons and you’ll be chasing your dream.

Maybe you were artsy growing up and wanted to be an artist. Take some time on the weekends and do a canvas painting, get good, and then go around your art district and ask for pointers. If possible, take classes and maybe even try selling your canvases or pottery or mixed media and chase your dream! You may not be Van Gogh, but you’ll be you, and that’s all that matters!

You see, you may not actually ever become the veterinarian or Olympic equestrian, a famous artist, recognized photographer, high paid dancer, or owner of a large completely sustainable farm – but you’re chasing your dreams anyways. 

That’s what really counts – you’re trying. You’re not just laying down and giving up.

For every dream possible, there are ways to chase after it and at the very least get close to it. At the end of your life, wouldn’t you like to say you tried? You fought?

What a shame to live a long life and never even try to fight even in the slightest bit for the dream that holds fiery passion!

Maybe you can’t do it every weekend – you have house projects to do, you need to save a few extra bucks, the kids need to go to soccer practice that weekend, or you just need to run some errands.

I get it, time is money and time precious.

But you can at least try for every other weekend – you can get grandma or grandpa to watch the kids for a day, you can double up on housework so that you can take a few hours on a Saturday, you can save a few bucks by eating at home instead of out.

Because the truth is, you are precious too. God made you precious, and He intends for each of us to live the best life possible and to also take care of our own selves!

What a shame to live a long life and never even try to fight even in the slightest bit for the dream that holds fiery passion!

Dreams don’t work unless you do, so you need to fight.

You need to put on your battle armor and prepare to also take care of yourself in 2017 because you can’t great care of others unless you are also getting what you need, no matter your age.

There are 87-year-old cheerleaders, there are 68-year-old artists just making it, there are 70-year-old bloggers changing people lives with every post.

So if you’re in your 20’s like me, you have no excuse. No matter your age, there is no valid excuse to have because you can always do something towards your dream if you just fight.

No matter your age, situation, responsibilities, or even disability – you are capablable and responsible for chasing your dreams and taking charge. You may complete your dream, or you may just get close – but even getting close is better than nothing at all!

So fight, my friend. Make a way. If you fall down, get back up and try harder.

Dream on, friends.

XOXO – Autumn 





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6 thoughts on “Are You Chasing Your Dreams?

  1. So true. I also think your dreams kind of morph as you grow as a person. My dream was always to be a writer, so blogging every week is part of how I achieve it. I would love to write a book one day and even thought about getting into publishing, but right now those aren’t fitting in my life. You do have to work hard, though, and make a conscious effort to follow your dreams. Life can get in the way so easily!


  2. I work very hard to get closer to my dreams! Going back to college at 30 was the first step. After almost 8 years I will graduate in 2018 and be able to sit for my CPA exam. Goals are very important and living up to your potential.
    xo, Lee


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