Foyer Area Inspiration Post!


In my last post, I talked about sharing some new home improvement projects with you all, and I’m happy that today I’ll be sharing my inspiration board for an upcoming project!

Our foyer area is pretty much the last place in the house with almost no personality or anything to really define it as a pretty, usable space.

While we normally enter through the mudroom, the foyer area is still right in the middle of the whole house and has just seemed to be lacking for as long as I can remember!

If I had to sum up our style in a nutshell, I believe it would be worded something like “modern farmhouse-rustic-eclectic”.

My husband likes things a little more on the rustic side and clean lines, I like rustic but also need a little dose of some farmhouse style and eclectic accessories! 🙂

So, what got me ready to take on the foyer area as a weekend warrior project?

Well …… most (if not all) my big daring ideas come from the app Pinterest 😉 I was scrolling through it the other night in bed when I came across something called a “family command center” and thought it was an ingenious idea!

Next, I needed to figure out how I was going to meld a traditional foyer area design with a family command center but it wasn’t too hard, and I had it figured out within a day.

I almost always draw out my basic design sketch of an area, and then play around with it! It’s much easier than trying to store everything you’re thinking in your head and then forgetting half of it, and most often just writing a note about it isn’t as effective.

After I drew out what was in my head, I took the foyer dimensions so that I could later make sure that I rounded up items that would fit!

For inspiration, I looked at more rustic-like foyer designs and made a mental note to include some aqua or teal (or both!) because every room in our house has some sort of aqua/teal in it! What can I say? I’m definitely a southern woman 😉

I’m going to post the inspiration photos I have for reference so you see what I’m thinking for our foyer below, I love them all!

XOXO – Autumn Renae 


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