@ Home Wednesday: How To P.L.A.N Your Days

Hello, Loves!

It’s officially time for the first @ Home Wednesday post!

As a Christian, new wife, small business owner and busy person in general, I can tell you firsthand just how hard it can be to plan your days – and make the most of it!

Life is always going to be busy, but I think we can do certain things to help it not be so overwhelming and hectic.

In high school is when I really started paying attention to how I planned my days, how to make the most of it and how to get everything done. I graduated early and had started doing Liberty University classes online, which took a lot of time.

I had also just started my design studio, Autumn Renae Designs, and it wasn’t long before I quickly became aware that learning how to grow a fledgling business was another factor that made everything about this period in life overwhelmingly busy and hectic!

Now I’m in a new season of my life that takes just as much careful planning – I’m now married, have a household to take care of, and a small business that is always needed to grow and expand. As a Christian, I also want to take time out of my day for devotions and prayer. A lot needs my attention and time.

prayerful, purposeful planning produces premium productivity

I’ve tried a gazillion different planning systems it seems, each one has had pros and cons while others seemed to mostly just be full of cons – but I finally found one that I’ve used for the past 4 years with just a few tweaks!

It’s formally called P.L.A.N, and it’s super simple to use!

This works great with every aspect – a personal planning system, a business planning system and even as a dual planner system with your spouse. I love it’s versatility and ease of use because I feel like when planners get overly complicated it just makes everything worse!

Let’s go over the steps –

P – Put On Paper. 

This step helps a lot! Here you are not writing things down in the order you want them done, but rather just dumping everything you have to do down on paper regardless what area in your life it is.

Just spill everything out on paper, look it over, and make sure everything is there! If it has something to do with the church, errands, your job, special occasions, a birthday, a bill to pay, housework – put it all down on this sheet of paper!


L – List By Days.

Now that you have everything in the world you’ve got to do for the coming week down, list everything by days.

It’s easy to just put the first initial of the day down for this, like M, T, W, TH, F, S, S. 

This is easy and effective when trying to sort out the schedule you need to make while not making the planning part overwhelming!


A – Assign A Time.

This is, admittedly, the part I have struggled with sometimes!

I don’t like having to have a set time for everything, and so instead I tweaked this a tiny bit – I’ll assign a time for errands, studio work, mail and things like business meetings.

Things like housework or personal projects I will make a priority, but won’t have a set time of them. Instead, I list them by days but know in the back of my mind that they have to get done on that certain day so that it doesn’t mess up the rest of my week.


N – Needs.

Here is where you go in and write down what you need for specific tasks you have written down!

Maybe you need to mail a recent batch of Netflix (I’m soooo guilty of this!) and so you need to get these ready and place near the front door.

What do you need for that business meeting? Get those things out and ready, if you can.

Is it someone’s birthday this week? Go ahead and fill out the card now instead of waiting until the last second!

This final step is something a lot of the previous planning methods I have tried before left out, but this honestly does save a lot of time! 🙂


As you can see, the P.L.A.N method is easy and can be adapted for anything, and while it can take a bit out of your Saturday evening (this is when I normally do my planning) it actually frees you up the rest of the week, and helps reduce stress and that feeling of being overwhelmed!

see each day as 24 hours of opprotunity


You can tweak it some to fit your lifestyle, but honestly, there isn’t much to tweak!

Another thing I like to reflect on throughout the week is how I’m viewing everyday life – and I like to view it as 24 hours of opportunity.

Opportunity to serve Christ, to love my Husband, to take care of our home, to help others, to run my business best I can, and to hope for the future!

Going through life we will always encounter ups and downs, smooth patches and rough patches, hills and valleys – it’s just how life is.

And, though sometimes it hurts, everything we go through sharpens us and makes us stronger.

Having a good, planned out week makes all this and more easier and actually gives us more time to enjoy the life we’ve been given and be able to experience the beauty of spontaneous outings and visits with friends even more!

Why? Well, if you already know the rest of your day like the back of your hand (because you planned it out) odds are you’ll be able to go out more because you’ll actually have time you saved by planning to use it on fun things. 🙂

Are you ready to try this approach to planning? I’d at least give it a try – it’s helped me so much and I’m sure it would help you, too!

See you on Friday my friends!


Autumn Renae






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