And Then There Were Four ….

Hello, Loves!

Today’s blog post is a pretty special @ Home Wednesday becuase Samuel and I are welcoming a new family member today – everyone, please say hello to handsome Trooper!

Trooper’s story is a special one and has many different twists and turns, but we are so grateful and blessed that he is now a family member!

He is a German Shepherd and was hit by a car at one point in his life – he had severe internal bleeding, both front legs were broken as well as a hurt hip (this is why his hip joint protrudes, yet by the grace of God, has mended itself perfectly!) and he was left to die.
Samuel and I have felt the need for Adeline to have a sibling, a playmate of her own kind, for the past few months and were just waiting for the right time and fur child to come along.

I visited Trooper for a few weeks and also watched his progress at the veterinary clinic he was placed at while he recovered – he has blossomed into a beautiful, healthy, magnificent boy who loves to play and also is very protective. πŸ™‚

After seeing him a few times, I decided to bring Samuel with me one afternoon to meet Trooper and he, too, fell in love!

We look forward to calling this beautiful boy our own and are excited to give him a loving, warm and beautiful home to grow up in.

Don’t let his size fool you – he’s not even a year old! This “little” boy is going to grow up to be a massive, yet gentle, protector of home and farmstead!

Adeline now has a sibling and playmate, and we have a beautiful new addition to the family.

I am an advocate for adoptions because of stories and animals like Adeline and Trooper – every fur child deserves a loving, caring home that will treat them like part of the family!

Just wanted to give everyone a chance to meet our beautiful, precious boy!

XOXO – Autumn Renae


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