PH Saturday // A Horses Life

Hello, Loves!

A little turn of events here because I felt like it was something I needed, personally.

This Saturday (and maybe a few other Saturdays?) I’ll be sharing some recent photography adventures instead ofย DIY Saturdays, simply because at this moment in time, it would be easier for me to do a different type of blogpost on Saturdays!

Saturday is a busy day for me and Samuel, plus this is a added day to the blog in 2017 so it will take me a few months to really get into the swing of an added day. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve decided to labelย Photography Saturdayย simply asย PH // (subject line here)ย to keep the blogpost name clean and not so fussy!

For this first post about photography and the photographs that I personally take, I decided to post a few from a recent trip to the horse field where I found the horse babies happily munching on fresh hay and enjoying a sunny day!



Boots + Sunlight



Nuzzle Love



Streams of Reflection




Hay Munching



A Quiet Soul







As you can tell, this was a fun shoot to do! The babies were very cooperative and interested in the camera (which always helps) and the sunlight was just perfect.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did, I love telling stories and presenting emotion in my photographs and I have a few here that are my favorite!

Questions or comments? Which was your favorite?


Autumn Renae



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