– Intro To Wedding Tuesdays –

Hello, Loves!

As some of you know, this time last year I was busy planning our wedding – with only 40 days standing between us and The Big Day!

I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to weddings but since planning ours I feel like there are a lot of tips that I could give to anyone planning theirs! Planning a wedding is fun, but also takes a lot of finesse and thought.

Because of this, I’ve decided that I’m going to run a 12-week miniseries on planning the wedding of your dreams – every Tuesday from March through May! I’m sooooo excited!

These will be called Wedding Tuesdays and I hope that you share it with anyone you know that just happens to be planning their Big Day around this time, plus all of the posts pertaining to this 12-week miniseries will be archived so that you or your friends can go back and read past posts if need be.

What topics will be covered? Here’s a list of all the topics covered in order:

  • Week 1: The Dress 
  • Week 2: Starting A Wedding Binder/Board 
  • Week 3: Wedding Party 101 
  • Week 4: Invitation Tips 
  • Week 5: Venue Options 
  • Week 6: Planner or DIY?
  • Week 7: Food + Cake 
  • Week 8: Dealing With Wedding Stress 
  • Week 9: Florals + Photos 
  • Week 10: Hair + Makeup Trials 
  • Week 11: The Pre-Parties 
  • Week 12: The Big Day!

In each topic, I’ll go in-depth about:

  •  what to expect
  • road bumps to avoid
  • how to make the best decision for you as a couple
  • my person experiences in each topic
  • give you pros and cons to different popular avenues


I’m super duper excited for all of this and I definitely wish I could have known a blog with a wedding miniseries at the time!

Planning our wedding was also somewhat of a challenge because unlike some brides to be, our wedding location was in a small town where basically nothing pertaining to weddings existed!

Almost every vendor had to be brought in from a completely different city and sometimes from far away – this gives me a better edge to help you along on your journey because I went through a bit more trouble than brides to be that live in a populated area with tons of vendor choices.

So, there you go! I hope you enjoy this miniseries and will share it with others you know, too.

I’ll see you next Tuesday, friends!


Autumn Renae 


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Hello, there! Grab a cup of tea, and enjoy the ride while I teach you about living a natural and authentic lifestyle with the life God gave you!

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