FFF // Starting A Prayer Journal

Hello, Loves!

This Faith Filled Friday I’m going to be sharing about what a prayer journal is – and how to start one!

To be honest, I can’t remember when I first learned about a “prayer journal” or really wanted one. I believe I was about ten or eleven when a friend of mine (she was older than me by a few years) showed me hers!

Never hearing about one before I was immediately intrigued – and knew I had to have one!

At this time, though, you couldn’t just run to LifeWay and pick one up. I’m sure other people had made some, but it wasn’t something that was widely available or really sold in stores yet.

So, I got my mom to take me to Walmart and I picked out a little notebook with a cute kitten on the front, got a sharpie and also a few pens – and my very first prayer journal was created!

It was trial and error at first because my friend moved away and then I didn’t have any sort of reference to copy or anything, so I made a template of my own.

Fast forward to 2017 where I’m now a wife and mom to our two fur babies – I still keep a prayer journal! I love it, and to me it’s a basic necessity for anyone who prays!

I break mine down into sections on the page and also have about ten pages that are blank in the front of mine for special unspoken prayer requests of things that are very private.

Are you ready for a basic template for your first page? Here we go!

  • Date – I usually put this in the upper right corner to keep track of the date for future use.
  • Subject Line – You can label this as whatever you want, but normally I just label it as my top prayer request. For example: “Adeline’s Surgery” or “Pastor Sam’s Family”.
  • Bullet Points – These go under your subject line and I usually space them two to three lines apart from one another. On average, I usually make about seven to ten bullet points and then add on as I need to!
  • Speical Unspoken Box – On the bottom of the page or to the right (if there is room) I get a sharpie and make a box. Here I put serious prayer requests, and I usually have about two to three bullet points in this box. These special requests stay here until they are answered.
  • Praise – Wherever the Speical Unspoken Box didn’t go that day, I put another box and label it Praise! It’s important in your prayer journal to leave a spot where you can write down praise and reflect on requests that were answered!
  • The Circle – Somewhere on this page I put an oval or circle and just write out a small prayer or note to God. This just gives me a chance to get the rest of my heart out on paper and then after a few weeks go back and re-read them! This is technically optional, but something I would suggest to do!


I hope this helped you and gave you just what you need to start your own little prayer journal! It really helps to be able to write everything down – including your heart – and really make your prayer time stronger.

It’s so fun to look back after a few weeks or months and be able to track everything God has done and all the answers to prayer that have been fulfilled!

Do you or somebody you know have a prayer journal? Keep it classy and comment below with questions or comments!



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