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Hello, Loves!

Today marks the start of the 12-week miniseries Wedding Tuesdays here on the blog – whoop whoop! I’m ridiculously excited about this and I hope you are too!

When I started planning our wedding, I started with what I thought was the heart of the whole wedding (besides your man!) and for me, this was my wedding dress!

Now I know at first this seems like an odd place to start planning the biggest celebration so far in your life, but when you think about it this makes sense.

I’ve known sooooo many women out there who haven’t started with their dress first and halfway through had to make some major changes to the wedding plans all because their dream wedding dress didn’t go at all with their venue!

I also think this is a great place to start your wedding plans because at this stage you’re ecstatically excited – you’ve met your soulmate for life and will soon start your own life together!

The further you get into planning, the harrier it can get and the more stressed you will find yourself from time to time – so I suggest finding your dream dress before any of the stress or hard decisions start coming your way!

Wedding dress shopping will be much simpler this way, and it will also be more fun and mean more if you make this the absolute first step towards your dream wedding!

One thing about wedding dress shopping: take as few people with you as possible.

I know that this can seem a bit harsh, but having waaaaay too many people with you in a wedding dress shop can make things turn from heavenly to downright terrible!

If you have a friend or two that are outspoken a lot of the time it may be best to leave them out of the wedding dress selection – you are the bride! Too much criticism about you and your dream dress will most likely leave you in tears, or just downright overwhelmed on what should be the most fun shopping excursion you’ve ever experienced!

Three or four people at most are what a lot of the wedding salon managers suggest, and I tend to agree with this point.

Before you go shopping it would also be a smart move to already have pictures ready to show the gown fitter that will be helping you – this should include:

  • dress styles you like
  • what you dislike in a gown
  • detailing you like
  • something you’d be willing to try

You also need to have your current dress size written down and need to know your price range – do not go into a wedding gown salon without knowing exactly what you/your parents are willing to pay for a gown and what you will not pay for a wedding gown!

I did not have this experience, but at some wedding dress shops they can be pushy on your budget – so it’s best to have it plain and clear what the boundaries are.


wedding gown sizes are completely different than normal clothier sizing – if you wear a size 6 normally you may actually wear a size 10 in a wedding gown! DO NOT be discourgaed by this. It has nothing to do with your body, but everything to do with how the wedding designers size thier gowns.

Also, I would suggest also ordering the gown you select one size up from what fits you perfect in the salon.

Unless you have the best metabolism in the world, this is a tried and true trick to employ while ordering your gown! Chances are your dress will need to be altered because of something anyway, and bringing a dress size in is much more simple (and less money!) than letting a dress out.

Remember – you still have food testing, drink testing, and cake testing to do and the stress you may find yourself in later as part of the planning process could help you gain a few extra pounds!

It’s also important to remeber what season you are going to be getting married in – if you’re getting hitched in the spring or summer but you go dress shopping in the winter, keep in mind when you are going to be wearing the gown!

I like to think that your wedding dress sets the stage for everything else – the venue, the cake, food, decor and overall set mood.

That is why I approch wedding planning with finding the “the dress” as the very first step!

This miniseries is going to be so much fun, ya’ll! Please pass it on to anyone you know who is getting married or recently engaged!

Keep it classy and post your questions and comments below!


Autumn Renae 




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5 thoughts on “WT // The Dress

  1. I never had the experience of picking out a fancy wedding dress. We eloped on a beach in Flordia. I had 2 weeks before we got married and picked a white sundress with chiffon. I imagine dress shopping can be both fun and stressful. So many choices and only one that matches whats in your head.
    xo, Lee
    Wine & Couture

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  2. I’ve gone dress shopping with some girlfriends a couple times, and I agree it’s much easier when you have a small group shopping with you! My one friend was smart – she went shopping with her girlfriends first to narrow down the dresses she wanted and then she went again with her mom and grandmother to show them her favorites and finalize the purchase. That way everyone got to be involved and there was no drama with a bigger group and clashing personalities.

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  3. My biggest regret is not going thru the process of dress shopping for my wedding. I had a beach wedding so I just purchased a white “sun-dress” style dress. The wedding was great, but maybe one day I’ll talk my hubby into another wedding with all the works!

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