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Hello, everyone!

Time for another Studio Wednesday! Today is exciting because I’m going to be sharing my top picks for small, independent pattern studios!

I’m sure that even if you don’t own a design studio like I do you’ve probably seen or at least heard of companies like Mcall’s or Simplicity Patterns.

These are what you call “big box” patterns and you’ll find these (plus a few more) in stores like Hobby Lobby, Micheals, Hancocks, and Walmart – but what about all the small independently run pattern companies?

The ones run by visionaries, entrepreneurs, and budding artists? These are the backbone of the pattern and drafting community, and also keep the design business fresh and always growing.

While the number of these small companies are rapidly growing, there are a few that have caught my eye and seem to really have what it takes to make it in this competitive field!


Colette Patterns

This pattern company started in 2009 and has both pattern books and PDF patterns, as well as “sew-a-longs”.

The patterns are very simple and clear, and they have a ton of different patterns to choose from!

What I like about them is that they have links for tutorials to help you on your journey when selecting one of their patterns, that way you have both visual and hands-on learning throughout the whole process.

Colette Patterns Website.


Christine Hayes Patterns

I absolutely adore this little company – it’s colorful, bright and full of modern style!

It’s also much larger than just patterns as Christine is also an author, blogger, stylist and sewing instructor and leader.

If modern sewing is your thing, go check out this company!

Christine Haynes Website.


Grainline Studio

Another favorite of mine, Grainline Studio is one of these easy to wear companies that also has a little flare to it.

They have easy projects, tutorials and also have sew-alongs!

Grainline Studio Website.


In The Folds

Probably one of the coolest “rising stars” I’ve found, this small pattern company is a mixture of styles all in one!

It mixes modern, classic and clean lines perfectly without being over-dramatic.

They also have an amazing Insta account that also feeds you creative and new ideas to keep you going!

In The Folds Website.


Believe me when I say there are tons of new pattern & drafting companies and studios starting up, but these four studios have really caught my eye and got me excited!

It’s so cool that many young entrepreneurs have taken an interest in this business as well, ensuring that it will continue on for the next generation of designers and sewists.

Supporting small businesses such as pattern and draft companies doesn’t just help the design community – but the entrepreneur community as a whole!

I try to support these business and other small businesses as well because entrepreneurship really is the backbone of America! Plus, it’s an honor to help other business owners fighting for their dream.

What are you favorite small companies? Know of any good pattern/drafting studios that you’d like to share?

As always keep it classy and share your faves, questions, and comments below!



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